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    “Araby” Reflection

    In the short story Araby, written by James Joyce, the main character’s internal change ultimately demonstrates the idea that sometimes change is unattainable. At the start of the story, the narrator is portrayed as a young boy, who is infatuated with...

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    “Jane Eyre” and its influence on my own writing

    The novel Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Brontë, opens with the melancholy scene of a poor orphan girl, who whilst coping with her parents death, must also live with a family that mistreats her. The story has already centered...

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  • Hi Katie,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post that explores the good that exists in social media platforms. In contrast to my own post, it reveals all the positive aspects of this tool, like the ability to connect with others, and more importantly, the voice it gives people to speak out and raise awareness against issues of injustice. I…Read More

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    The Widespread Problem among teens today: How the Pandemic has increased social media usage

    As a follow-up article in response to my last article in which I reflected on the widespread problem of anxiety and depression among teens, I realized there was much more that needed to be said. Indeed, it is not...

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    • Josie,
      your post about social media and its effects, specifically in regards to the recent isolation and quarantine, was very captivating and interesting to read about! I thought your argument was very convincing and relatable. Social media can be very addictive and even harming if you let it, though I also liked how you mentioned how social media was also useful, as it kept us in the loop and helped us escape the world for a bit. I agree though, that spending time away from your phone, or other devices, is a necessary thing to do today. Like you said, “there is so much more to life than an Instagram post, a celebrity birthday, or a Snapchat story.” Taking time away from social media is very important, as living life outside of the internet is an important thing to remember to do. For me, the adjustment to the sudden isolation was difficult, and I, too, turned to social media. Eventually, I remember taking a break from it all and taking a walk in the snow, as well as spending time with my family as often as I could. And, although I think social media is a great way to interact with others and to escape from reality for a bit, it’s important to remember to not spend every waking minute there and to take the time for yourself so that you can truly live your life to the fullest. I look forward to your next posts!

  • In the love poem “To His Coy Mistress,” the author Andrew Marvell celebrates youthfulness, love, and passion, while also pondering the idea that death is the ultimate destination for all people.

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