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    Is there too much cheese?

    The article "Extra cheese" by an Unknown author, talks about how there's been too much cheese in the world which sounds absolutely crazy and bizarre to hear as I thought many people drink mil but, no! cause according to...

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    Joshua commented on the post, Drinking and driving

    Dear Edith,

    I agree with your post about drinking and driving as they are an increase of deaths from car accidents around the world which affects people as many loved ones died early because of this. as many drunk drivers don’t know their limit of drinking or question how will they get home while being intoxicated,

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  • Dear, Patricia

    I can agree with your post, “Reduce the use of Plastic straws” since straws are a danger to our ocean and we wanna protect it by using less plastic and more Eco-friendly straws that can make our ocean a better place as it will not only help sea life but our environment.

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    Dear Ernesto,

    I found this post interesting as you talked about in the article “Cars that stop drunk driving” about the future of drunk driving and how Biden passed a congress to prevent drunk drivers from starting their cars as the car will have breathalyzer devices that will automatically be in your vehicle if your blood alcohol level is…Read More

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    Joshua commented on the post, Wild Fires

    Dear Damian.

    I am Impressed by your writing about “The dangers of California wildlife” by Mcgraw hill.
    As you talk about how dangerous wildfires are and how firefighters are risking their lives for us to prevent these fires from getting worse.

    One sentence that stood out to me that you’ve said was “fires take lives giving firefighters…Read More

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Is there too much cheese?

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