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    Joshua commented on the post, Oakland LGBTQ Community

    Dear Yari,

    I Think your post was great! because i really like how you want to help support the LGBTQ comunity most people won’t even like to help them because they are homophobic, But I find the LGBTQ people are regular people that we meet. I want to meet someone who is gay or transgender because I want to know what are some people that supported…Read More

  • Dear, Isaiah

    I feel connected with your post “Struggles Being Homeless In Oakland” Because I can see why you want to fix homelessness in Oakland, The rent for houses are high now in then and people cant afford to buy a house and it is tough to see people living in tent on the streets just because they can’t afford a house. One sentence that stood…Read More

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    Joshua commented on the post, Artist Statement

    Dear Erick Guierrez

    I am proud of you for doing the shadow box because I thought it was very creative and I think this can become a hobby because it looks like you had fun finding the photos and designing it about yourself and who you are as a person. I think you did great on the shadow box because I get what you are trying to say about…Read More


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