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  • Dear Oakland community,

    Did you know that in Alameda county we have 1,917 Covid-19 cases as of April 28.

    Well now you know. I am writing this because almost everyday people are getting Covid-19 and my

    • Hi Joshua,
      My name is Olivia and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. When I was reading your post I noticed that both of our communities are suffering from the COVID 19 outbreak in similar ways. Business owners and all workers are suffering economically from the virus since they have been forced to shut down. This is scary for so many Americans because without a job it is hard to put food on the table or keep a roof over your head. I also thought it was interesting that you brought up the fact that non-profits such as animal shelters and food banks are also suffering. I hadn’t thought about that before. If you are curious to know how my community is dealing with the virus here is an article for you to check out: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/utah-coronavirus-cases.html .
      Best wishes,

    • Hey Joshua
      I think the most telling and accurate part about this post is the survey asking people if the pandemic will last into 2021, because according to the definition of pandemic (prevalent over a whole country or the world.) you could say that we aren’t in a pandemic right now, or you could say we were already in a pandemic in 2019. The way we talk about viruses is very much based on our own fears and conceptions of them. If we want to claim that a virus is “defeated” for example, it would have to be completely gone right? Well, in that case, we haven’t defeated AIDS, polio, cholera, or even the bubonic plague. The way we discuss disease really isn’t in line with how it really works and is much more in line with fostering a fear of potential infection. This is represented well by media coverage of the current virus, as well as your survey.

    • I agree when you mentioned that fear is another virus that gets people to panic uncontrollably, causing a shortage of supplies for those who actually need it the most. In my community, the closure of schools has affected those and many who depend on the meals provided every day to survive. Though, a lack of education and selfishness is truly what is affecting every community. It’s important to bring awareness about health and other situations that we are unaware of to positively grow as a community and not leave anyone behind.

  • One day, I remember when my friends were talking about how the teachers will be going on strike against OUSD and that made me feel shocked because after that I wasn’t in school for seven days. The strike began O

    • Dear Joshua,

      I agree with your clam, Based on research, Teachers in Oakland felt under appreciated because of how awful OUSD is treating them, but since the strike, they hope that the conditions can improve. Your claim is good because it’s starting your paragraph by showing how much of a B## the OUSD is to the people who work hard(teachers,principals, etc).

    • Dear Joshua,

      I’m a student at SJSU, and after reading your post, I felt that you described the predicament you’re facing quite well. As a student, it’s easy to feel nervous about events that happen at school, and with a collaborated strike of 7 days, it makes sense to be aware of the effects that it brings to the general population in Oakland public schools. I really appreciate the concern over your teachers’ feelings and needs, instead of writing about how it potentially affects just your own livelihood. As for the strike itself, it is absolutely pivotal for the community to stand up against issues that cause a violation of their rights, and with a strike, that’s a powerful way to respond to unjust decisions.

      From what you wrote, “But since the contract will be ending soon, I fear that the strike will happen again that we might be pulled out of school for more than seven days,” I’m perceiving this statement as coming from a doubt that the efforts of the people who cooperated to foreword the strike were not enough. When I was in high school, our school’s was promised funding for a new choir building. However, they kept pushing it back, and it got to a point where our music department decided to respond immediately. Thus, we wrote a letter and had representatives from our choir attend the city council meeting, in which they spoke out regarding our building’s funding to be placed. Somehow, we got our building’s funding to be prioritized!

      In this, I cannot relate to your fear, because I always believe that there are ways for people’s voices to be heard in a community like yours. Perhaps it does not have to cost valuables like time in education, like through a strike, but there can always be consistent, subtle methods to communicating dire needs for important individuals like yourself. As long as you have faith in the power of the influence you have, you can always create change in what seems to be hopelessness. I hope you continue to write about the things that you find important. Thanks for the read!

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