• Alice Walker was a story writer and acclaimed poet. She was known for works such as “The Color Purple” and “Am I Blue?” In her essay “Am I Blue?”, she talks about how we’re all interconnected, which I believe is

    • Joshua, I really like this. I have never heard of Alice Walker or her stories, but I loved what I read. She seems to be in touch with her soul and speaking the truth about society and humanity. I like how you used her analogy to bring up an issue in our society today. We don’t see a lot of empathy and sympathy nowadays, we live in a cruel world where money comes first. I love how you brought in your own personal experience and brought a real touch of emotion to the piece. Great piece!

    • Joshua,

      This is a very interesting way to think about how we all interact and how we treat one another. I like how you bring up that if we are all interconnected we must be empathetic in order to be a more successful society and without everyone participating we cannot achieve this. Your addition of your own personal experience with this makes the piece much more powerful.

  • Audre Lorde was an African-American woman who was heavily seen doing activism for female and racial rights. In her essay “The Transformation of Silence into Language,” she talks a lot about how silence aff

    • I agree with this. Everybody should start speaking up but yet again it’s not that easy for everybody, including myself. I don’t like to make big scenes in public but yet, my dad always does. Sometimes a person is too shy to speak up against what is wrong. People who isn’t shy should speak up and the people who are shy should work up to that. I really like this piece and changed my views about activism.

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