• Be ready for what life is going to put you up against.

    Because in life there will be deaths and you have to learn to overcome them because you can’t let that pull you down. The one day that my belief was c

    • I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable on this very sensitive and personal topic. As someone who has had the fortune to not lose many loved ones, I will admit that I am scared of the inevitable. I do not know how well I will be able to cope with the loss of my grandmothers, heaven forbid my parents. I believe you correct in your article. Life isn’t fair. No matter how rich or influential you are, you will always be confronted with the lose of those who you love. The only real comment I have for your article would be maybe focusing on editing your grammar. You have something very important and impactful to say. Yet, sometimes the mood and intent is lost when it is hard to follow what you are saying.

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