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College Athletes During the Pandemic.

With the commonly known collegiate sports term “March Madness” coming up, I read an article by Dace Zirin called “College Athletes in the Petri Dish“. Despite its very hooking title, the article brought up points about college athletes during this pandemic. Early on in the article it talks about a study conducted at Ohio State University. As a student-athlete myself […]

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Sports During a Pandemic

As we all know many things are far from normal during these times. From wearing masks to social distancing, many guidelines and precautions have been put in to keep us safe. At the same time this has been hard to continue with sports. As we’ve seen in the professional level returning to play is not as easy. Without the resources […]

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How to Play Live Sports During a Pandemic

The article “How to Play Live Sports During a Pandemic? Taiwan, South Korea offer lessons” by Grady McGregor was published May 5, 2020. This was around when we had our first shutdown and when COVID-19 really started to spread in our country. A year has almost passed since this article came out, but the pandemic still has this a sort […]

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What if Students don’t have the necessary tools to learn virtually: India & Salt Lake City

Earlier this year I was prompted with a question on how the transferring to online school would affect those who would not be able to afford or acquire the necessary tools to be successful to be on online school. After some further research I stumbled upon on article written by Vice’s Pallavi Pundir “As Indian Classes Go Online, Those Who […]

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Students Go Online in India

In the article, “As Indian Classes Go Online, Those Who Can’t Afford Smartphones Go Without” by Vice, talks about how kids in India are struggling to go into online school with some of the kids’ economical situations. This article goes on to talk about how kids in India are going now to transfer to online school via smartphones due to […]

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