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  • Immigrants are not here to harm the United States in anyway. They are here to actually benefit both themselves and this beautiful country.

  • Living in Colorado I totally agree with you. Aspen, a city known to have the best slopes is now known as a city for tourism. People that actually live in this beautiful state can’t ski due to the high amount of tourism. Skiing in the beautiful fresh powder after a cold blizzard is impossible now due to the high amount of people skiing everyday.

  • Brandon, minimum wage should be raised especially for people that are put in a very stressful situation. Fast food cooks may be put in a situation in where something horrible can occur.

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    Jose commented on the post, School Uniforms

    Dear Natalie,

    Some schools here in Colorado don’t really have a strict uniform policy. Students can wear anything they want up to an extent. People can’t wear some specific colors or pieces of clothing that may be offensive. If the teachers or principal sees you with offensive clothing on you may be sent home or a parent may bring you a different…Read More

  • I agree with you, more gun control doesn’t really mean less violence. The guns are not shooting themselves.

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    Jose commented on the post, What I like about the Fall

    Dear Joe,
    I may have to be with you in that. Fall is the best season the reason being, the temperature starts to drop leafs start to drop also. Christmas getting closer, anxious for winter break. Fall allows the trees to change into different colors from red to yellow. Seeing the first snow flakes telling us that winter is upon us. Changing your…Read More

  • Hi Lilian, I am really interested in the topic you are asking further information about. I have been reading many articles online. I have came across many topics about immigration and how it impacts many immigrants around the United States. I agree with you that deportation should stop since it separate families that came to the United States for…Read More

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    Jose commented on the post, Gender Wage Gap

    Dear Victoria,

    I am interested in your topic since the pay gab between gender is a big controversies still to this day. One thing that stood out to me was when you mentioned that the next president should really consider this and make everything equal including the salary pay gap between genders. Your essay is very persuasive. Thanks for your…Read More

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    Jose commented on the post, Immigration

    Dear Ben,

    I am intrigued by your personal story. The way you connected to this topic is very powerful. One thing you said

    that stood out for me was when you said you were from Guatemala and you were adopted. I think this is a very

    good connection you made with the topic of immigration. Your essay reminds me of my friend that was adopted

    also…Read More

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    Jose commented on the post, #2nextprez

    Dear Fili,

    I am excited about your essay since police brutality is a very serious problem here in America. The next

    President should really do something to stop these horrible events from occurring again. Rent should be

    another thing the next President should consider thinking about since a ton of people in America can not afford

    to live in…Read More


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