• April 21, 2019

    Dear Mayor Schaaf:

    We are writing to you because it’s absurd how few grocery stores are in Oakland. Based on our research on Yelp we found that there were no grocery stores between 7

    • Hello Jessica, Christy and Jose,
      I am very impressed about the well written letter that you guys have made in regards to “Food Deserts”. That title just got my attention and made me keep on reading more and more. I agree that nutritious healthy foods are very important and all communities deserve to have access to them. Not having easy access to healthy food can lead to bigger health problems in the long run. I totally would like to see the Mayor act upon this important request that is beneficial for the entire community. I really like that you guys are active members of the community and all I can say is, keep that way, keep working hard and don’t stop requesting for good important projects!! like this one you guys have already started working on.

  • Dear, Miguel
    I was excited on reading your blog because the way you are talking about how immigrants are humans too. And how they need to have the same amount of rights as americans in the United States.One thing that I liked about your blog is that how you are able to support others. And something that you wrote is that you were talking about…[Read more]

  • Have you ever been bullied at school before?The definition of bullying is the to seek harm against others or to  intimidate. Based on the research Bullying can cause suicidal thoughts in teens, so schools need

    • I really like how you looked at bullying from a lot of different angles. You gave, not only consequences that can happen as a result of bullying, but also ways to prevent it in the first place. Though these solutions are a really good start, how can we really look at the root causes of bullying and try to destroy the root of it? Here is an article that discusses the roots of bullying and some possible reasons that it goes on in schools http://www.veanea.org/home/940.htm

    • Jose, I thought you did a great job of bringing attention to bullying, an issue that is well known, but few people do anything about it. I also thought it was interesting how you had a call to action. I agree that teachers, parents, and peers need to look out for bullying. Maybe purpose more options to contradict and prevent bullying. Here is an article you might find interesting. http://www.nea.org/home/72595.htm. It dives into the steps that can be taken to do this. Overall great job!
      -Anna Drossos

    • Dear Jose,

      I am excited by your post “STOP THE BULLYING” because it is nice to see adolescents taking a stand to prevent bullying in school settings, especially since bullying is a common experience for many children and can negatively harm someone’s self-esteem and mental health. One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is: “If students can be more in clubs that would help a lot more because it would help for the student get some friends for they can relate or hangout.” I think this is crucial because from personal experience, joining a club or extracurricular activity allowed me to interact with people who have similar interests or hobbies as me and created a sense of belonging. Another sentence that I agreed with was “I had experiences when I used to go to my old school that there would be multiple fights and teacher wouldn’t even know.” This stood out for me because there are so many things that teachers are not aware about, such as cyber bullying and fights, that can depict how an adolescent behaves and feels. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you are very insightful and care a lot about the topics you are discussing.

    • Jose, you did a great job explaining that teachers should be paying more attention to what goings-on with the student and not only focusing on education. I believe that parents and teachers should bring their attention to bullying and helping to stop it in schools. There are so many different situations of kids being bullied in school that teachers are not aware of and the student are struggling because of it. There are so many dangerous effects on bullying and the kids and teacher are not taking them seriously.

  • Dear, Christina

    I like your shadow box because it shows on your little essay that you like nature, and exploring the world. And I can see that you have a dream school and that is a goal you would like to meet some day for you can be a zoologist or vetnerania.

  • You put a lot of detail and Its cool that you have a lot of photos of family members that means that you care.

  • Shadow Box

    Jose Rivas


    Hello my name is Jose and I’m in 9th grade.This shadow box represents my stereotype and my Counter Narrative.When people look at they would usually think I’m a Mexican but I’m a Guatem

    • Dear,Jose I really like your shadow box and how you represent your own culture and how you go against your counter narrative of people assuming every brown skin is mexican but we have are own cultures.another thing that you did that really amazed me was although you’re from guatemala you still show mexican pride!Overall your shadow box really show you,sincerely, anthony

    • Dear Jose Rivas,

      I am glad about your shadow box because it looks very nice. You did a great job on this. A sentence that stood out to me is ¨When people look at they would usually think I’m a Mexican but I’m a Guatemalan mixed with Salvadoran.Many people assume that I’m an immigrant,even though I’m American¨, because your saying the dominant narratives you have, but then proving them wrong like how you’re ¨Guatemalan mixed with Salvadoran¨. Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because this shadow box was great, so I’m sure your next work will be good, but maybe even better.

    • Hello Jose,
      I enjoyed reading your post because you’re talking about the stereotypes that you have to go through as an adolescence. I know being stereotyped isn’t the best feeling because everyone assumes you’re correlated with certain characteristics or actions. I’m glad you’re proving others wrong about the stereotypes that society puts on you by showing us your shadow box and letting the community know what they don’t see your personality from the outside.

    • Hi Jose,

      Your shadow box was interesting to look at! I enjoyed learning these small facts about you. I’m sorry that people have stereotyped you so much in your life, but I admire how you are proud of who you are and are not ashamed to state it. Being in touch with your culture and traditions is so important. It really stood out to me when you stated that many assume you’re an immigrant, although you are American. I know a lot of people who face the same issues you do, which is not right at all. However, as I said before, I appreciate how you have a strong stance of who you are and are willing to share this with others.

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