• “What makes up the universe?” Over the years, there were many developments in science thanks to developing technology, allowing many of us to answer simple but complex questions that we only possibly imagine.

  • I liked your post, Paul. I agree that climate change is a big issue, but there isn’t enough data or research being conducted to portray the image of climate change. I also concur that there are immense amounts of simplification of such an intricate topic. Climate change may be a broad and complex issue, but to every problem, there is a cause, and…[Read more]

  • Jack, nice job with raising awareness. I agree that an influx of something is not that beneficial to us, and also to the environment. I liked how you were able to tie the topic of health to the environment. However, as humans, we require certain amino acids that only come from meat such as tryptophan, lysine, threonine, and others that we cannot…[Read more]

  • Hi Thomas,

    I liked your informative article about the inversions in Utah. I found it interesting that this only occurred in the Salt Lake City area and not in other places. I am interested to hear your research about the topic with reliable resources. I wished you elaborated some more on your topic. Otherwise, nice work!

  • Nick, your argument is quite thorough and shows that lots of effort was placed in to write your argument. I agree that it is hypocritical to be swear to be moral but killing someone at the same time. Along with your point, it feels like doctors are abusing their authority and making rash decisions for patients and their families. I am interested…[Read more]

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    Nice work, Colin. I really liked your stance about paying athletes in the NCAA, and I agree with your point. They already are offered a scholarship to play, and they use a lot of time for their sport. Just like them, students who work in labs or in other places also spend as much time working or researching, and many of them aren’t offered a…[Read more]

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    Modern Physics was a physics revolution in the 20th century filled with mysteries that perplexed physicists about our universe’s properties and types of matter, or substances. Theories were formulated about our u

    • Hi Joseph,

      I am impressed by how thorough your argument is; it shows a significant amount of in-depth research and reading about the subject of Dark Matter. I think you are absolutely right that modern physics, which has only become significant in the relatively recent past (last 60 years) has revolutionized our approach to modern physics and science as a whole. I am interested to hear your thoughts on what other innovations may be possible with an increasing development of scientific theories and technology. Thanks!

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    Juliana, nice insight of a theoretical scenario. I also agree that the world would be connected, meaning that ecosystems, evolution, climate, and humans would have been severely impacted. In addition to what you included, I think that modes of transportation and technology would have changed. For example, because of there’s less water, meaning…[Read more]

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    There’s a word that helped me many instances in my life. It assisted in pursuing dreams, looking forward into the future, and making a comeback after a fiasco. Whenever someone said “no” or rejected what I had,

    • Dear Joseph,
      I am interested in your view of optimism because, of the way you have been treated made you think in a positive aspect, instead of staying negative.

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  • These are memes that Tuan and I made about hunger stats and people starting to care about the topic. Laugh and enjoy our satire against the issue.

  • Food is the most important resource other than water for us, humans. We need food to survive through each day because food is the only thing that provides us with certain nutrients and energy for us to carry out

    • Joseph, I’m really impressed with all the research you were able to come up with. You offered solutions to the problem as well after doing good job initially of presenting the issue. You did a good job of citing your sources as well.

    • This was very well thought out. You used many in-text citations to show the various aspects of your topic and had each paragraph very focused on a specific aspect. I especially liked the paragraph that was second to last. I found it interesting how you related various countries lack of industrialization as a key part of why they struggle to feed their population.

    • This is very thought out. I do agree that world hunger is a huge issue in the world. Many kids go to sleep without any food in there system and it’s very sad. I totally agree and appreciate your topic.

    • After seeing all of your threads Joseph, I was quite intrigued by the issue of world hunger, so I did some quick research just to see if there was anything I was missing. I knew many people around the world did not have enough food to eat everyday, and when I actually looked at the statistics and facts, and really thought about it, I realized how bad the issue really is. The number of hungry people in America alone is unacceptable and Im glad you are trying bring light to this subject.


    • You picked very interesting topic to explore. I think you did a good job conveying a lot of information in a way that’s not too wordy; this is a true infographic. You did a good job of including lots of research and making your claims all credible. Your infographic presents both problem and solution.

    • I found the blue fourth section to be very interesting. I had never thought about how the mass donation of foodstuffs could reduce food prices nor damage developed countries prestige.

    • This is a very nice infographic. I agree with your views, and possible solutions. Another solution I can propose is for not just the people trying to talk to the government, but the government of countries using their power to help the starving citizens in their countries.

    • Joseph,

      I like what you put together in your info graphic. You start with eye popping stats that will stick to peoples minds and make them feel for the people who are hungry and starving. You then gave causes and then solutions, which will inform people about what we can do to stop hunger in our country. It is a good strategy and method to get people on your side.


    • This is a tough subject, and definitely not an easy one to tackle. I find your infographic to be well done, with definite attention to detail. However, I do find your solutions to be sort of idealistic. This isn’t necessarily bad, though, as idealists have revolutionized the world historically. Thank you for this infographic.

    • I think this is very well put and I believe that the way you listed such statistics about things people normally don’t hear about was very moving. Most people don’t realize how big of a deal world hunger it is and how many people it effects.

    • Wow this was a very interesting and well done piece. I like that you provided so many details and facts which give a lot of information about the topic. Keep up the good work because it needs more attention.

    • Great work Joseph, your piece is chalk full of information! I understand that your topic includes many regions throughout the world but my suggestion for you is to only focus in one specific region in the world that faces this problem.

    • I really like the way you made infographic about Hunger. It is very well organized and easy to understand the topic.

  • You can’t go wrong with food. You like it and we like it. More importantly, it’s necessary to sustain most organisms on earth, providing energy for everyone, and as humans, we all have a special flavor we enj

    • Great Work Joseph and Tuan! I really enjoyed reading your annotations, I appreciate how you are spreading light onto this subject even though many people are not aware of it. I also appreciated how you were able to pull out the key information from the articles even when there may not have been extremely lengthy. Keep up the good work!

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    That’s really cool! I like the passion that you had for your topic on stereotypes vs biases.

  • Hey Minnie. I was also shocked when I learned about Huck’s age and I agree with you. It seems as if he had a more developed mind than what we expected and discerned from his educational level. He is clever and at the beginning of the book, he may have been less mature, using his guile into horsing around, but as the book progresses he learns to…[Read more]

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, displays many intricate parts that make the novel an American classic. Obviously, there is plot development, but Twain does an excellent job in creating

    • Hey Minnie. I was also shocked when I learned about Huck’s age and I agree with you. It seems as if he had a more developed mind than what we expected and discerned from his educational level. He is clever and at the beginning of the book, he may have been less mature, using his guile into horsing around, but as the book progresses he learns to mature, getting rid of the undesirable qualities he had at the beginning. What about you? Does Huck mature and eventually get rid of some undesirable qualities he had?
      I agree with you that as Huck matures, he believes that Jim and other slaves are his equals. The book shows this when Huck rips the note he was about to send to Miss Watson and tries to save Jim from the Phelps. Do you think that this event was the big turning for Huck in race relations?
      Nice comment, Minnie, keep up the good work!

    • Hi Joseph, I think that you did a really good job of analyzing Huck Finn. I also have to commend you on the amount of quotes you used to support your analysis of Huck Finn. I think that the quotes you used were great. I’m glad you included the quote, ““I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself: ‘All right then, I’ll go to hell’—and tore it up. It was awful thoughts and awful words, but they was said. And I let them stay said; and never thought no more about reforming” (Twain 191) because in my opinion, it is the most important few lines in the whole book. It shows that rather than following societies will, he let his moral compass guide him. A question that I have for you is do you think Huck would do that for any other slave that’s not Jim or is that something he would only do for someone who is his friend?

    • Hey there, Joseph-
      Your analysis on Huck was in-depth and well thought out. I find the way that you describe Huck escaping everything about civilization, and not just civilization itself, to be thought-provoking. It isn’t something that I had considered myself, especially due to the fact that he continues to speak in somewhat religious terms throughout the whole of the book despite supposedly turning his back on civilization, including religion.
      What do you believe Huck has in his heart? What drives his conscience? Obviously we see his conscience drive him throughout the novel, but what do you believe is at the root of this? Is it external factors, internal, or both?
      Thank you for the look into the character of Huckleberry Finn. I believe you helped extract his character and spirit a bit better from this post, and would definitely be interested to see how you feel about whatever it is that drives him, if it is anything at all.


    • I really enjoyed your analysis on Huck Finn.

  • Hi Grant. I really liked your essay. The essay was well crafted, defining specific and critical points about each character. It was amazing that you examined all of the themes in the book and the things we covered in class. Character descriptions were well done. I agree with your points about Jim and Huck, along with what motivates them and causes…[Read more]

  • Nice work Melaina. I really liked your work. I agree that even with or without the implementation of the DARE program, it’s up to the kids who are in the program to make the choices. I also think that DARE will help scare those students into staying away from bad choices that are shown through DARE. Your essay was short but concise, and also…[Read more]

  • Hey Zach. Your essay was very passionate and it seems like you know your topic very well. I understand how you feel against the governmental form of democracy. However, just because it doesn’t work a couple times nor you don’t agree with it, it doesn’t mean that automatic there should be automatic barrage of hate. But, I think your voice brings…[Read more]

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