• Jose Cerrano


    Period 4



    Unknown and confusing


    I feel that I am an unknown person Hard to understand for sure a bit unstable but im alright.

    I am also very unstable person have r

    • Dear Jose,
      I liked this peice it was very you! Well I know the type of person that you are and this wasn’t such a surprise to me. But what did surprise me was you actually opening up and being more understanding of yourself. I am proud of you, hope you write more!

  • I like your poem because it was an intresting poem and showed me why you are the dedicated person that you say you are. I look forward to reading more from you in the future since you made a nice poem.

  • From birth stubborn

    with fire and water

    a hotheaded boy

    a calm thoughtful guy

    with anger and honor

    a passion for boxing

    visions blurry

    high adrenaline

    hearts pumping

    telling you to keep

    • This poem is strong, it is very descriptive of what you have a passion for. This also shows the type of person you are and how you feel towards yourself. The part where you put quitting as not being an option shows your persistence in accomplishing what your aiming for.

    • Jose, this is a great poem. You really describe what kind of a person you are and how relentless you are towards achieving your goals. I liked how you referred to yourself as a hotheaded boy, as it is a creative way to describe anger in yourself. I enjoyed reading this, and I hope you continue writing these cool creative poems.

  • I like how you talk about your real name and your nickname and how they are different based on who is calling you that and how you feel like you are two people at the same time but they both are combined at the end of the day making one individual with different traits

  • Cerrano generation to generation

    Cerrano is the name my family passed down from generation to generation is a name that I am proud to have and write it with pride when I write it on my work or important document

  • Thanks for your art. I look forward to seeing what you make next, because it is a very nice poster. I like the creativity behind the poster you made for the book about modern romance.

  • Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing you write next because it seems like you sound intrested in your topic and made good research. I like how profesional the post sounded with some personal experiences about the topic .

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