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    This is how you become successful in life; this is how you make us proud; this is how you live up to our expectations; this is how you disappoint us; always hold the door for other people; make sure to go to

  • Dear Leaders of America,


    My name is Jordan Phal, I am a 17 year old senior who currently lives in Oakland California. I currently attend Fremont High school.


    Growing up as a teenager in America t

    • Hi I am a freshman at life academy. I really like your post because it talked about racism. I agree with you because I also live in oakland and there is a lot of racism happening here. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is when you said, “I wish that in the future everyone can understand one another’s culture and see things from multiple perspectives”. I think this stands out because people feel bad that other people don’t like their culture and they feel bad about sharing their culture with other people. Your post reminds me of something that happened to me because I don’t like to share were I come from because I feel that they are going to bully me, just because were I come from. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because I think I am going to like your posts.

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