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  • Dear Blanca,

    I am interested in your post, “ “Should Schools Punish off-campus cyberbullying?” because cyberbullying is big on and off campus. It’s sad to hear that kids have lower self-esteem because of bullying. Schools should help on campus so they are more welcome as well.

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  • Dear rebecca,
    I am interested about your post “should schools give summer Homework?” because if schools did this then students would have no break from school. I also agree that schools should not give any homework during the summer because students most likely work the hardest during a regular school schedule.
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  • Dear Kimberly,

    I am sad about your post because of “The Central Park Five” because I feel like these people were wrongfully convicted and were sentenced for no reason. I feel like they were only chosen for their skin tone and were just being discriminated against the police. This shows how corrupt the justice system was years ago.

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  • Jonathan wrote a new post

    Death Penalty

    In the text “Is the Death Penalty on the Way Out?” by “Patricia” posted November 21, I learned that the death penalty is abolished in 23 states. I also learned that the death penalty is often used when someone...

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    • Dear Jonathan,
      I am impressed with your post, “Death Penalty,” because you express your own opinion and you were able to expand my knowledge about this topic. I was also impressed about the fact that some wait years to get the death penalty. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ I also learned that the death penalty is often used when someone is tortured or murdered” I think this is informative because it explains the type of reasons why someone would get the death penalty. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because like I said, you expanded my knowledge on this topic and I wonder what else you will write about that will impress me like this one.

      Yaritzi Torres

    • Dear Jonathan,

      I would agree with your opinion given in this post because it is true some crimes have been done by people and they aren’t given the right punishment for their actions. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was when you mentioned is 54 percent of Americans support the death penalty and that the death penalty is abolished in 23 states. I also noted that many years need to pass for someone to get the death penalty. With your post I was able to get more knowledge about the death penalty. Thank you for you’re writing.

  • Jonathan wrote a new post

    India disseminates Muslims

    In the text “Will democracies survive in India'' by “Patricia” posted November 21, I learned that India is banning hijabs from Muslim students and taking away their privilege to get an education. Another thing that text says, is how...

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