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    It is interesting to see now that someone’s bringing up to what I believe is one of the school’s flawed systems. It’s unfortunate to see that schools are expected for you to be a competitive student. Some competition is good, but if you apply that too much, then it’s really bad for the students.

    I do agree on this statement, “They gave…Read More

  • Hey, it is interesting to see that you are still expressing concerns onto the situation over at Europe. The rest of the World are too afraid to interfere because Putin may also see that as a threat and declare war on them too. Ukraine is currently fighting a Country that is larger than them and they are fighting vigorously to the very end unless…Read More

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    Dying behind bars

    From a video that I watched in Upfront "Opinion: Abolish life without parole", it's about a former prisoner speaking out against sentences to life without parole. Robert Richardson was sentenced to life without a possibly of parole from a...

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    • Dear Jonathan:

      I am surprised by your post, “Dying Behind Bars” because it talks about the way of getting locked up behind bars for stealing a ton of cash. Stealing cash is surprising when it comes to me because people like Robert Richardson have a story to talk about.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “…he believes that long-life sentences do more harm than good.” I think this is surprising because the man who committed the crime has something to add to his case.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because it’s fun in knowing other surprising events that come to see. I want to see more cash being stolen but in this case, there should be a happy ending.

      Sincerely – Rene Flores

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    Jonathan commented on the post, Meaning of Life

    Hey, I was drawn by you post because of the discussion regarding the meaning of life. We have the right to question our own existence and should respect other people’s ideologies and theories. I do agree of the fact that our meaning is to find happiness in this world. Those types of people who are curious as to why they are there in the first…Read More

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