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  • One habit of mind i used today was remaining open to continuous learning because i learned alot today and i understood but i wanted to learn more and i felt stuck when i didnt know what to do but i asked and i figured it out.

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    i agree with you because the chicanos were taught to not follow the footsteps of their parents. I think that if schools are teaching chicanos this they should teach them other ways to be successful instead of just pushing them aside and throwing them in shops where they can work hands on. Not all chicano children want that life, many want an…

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  • One Thing that stood out to me was that it took so long for people to see that what the chicanos were being put through was not right but they kept fighting for the sake of the education of their children. This stood out to me because this shows that the chicanos cared about their kids education also the highschool and college students cared.…Read More

  • One goal i have for this upcoming school year is to improve my grades so that i can graduate. i plan on doing this by making time in between my day to do homework or any assignments i may have missed. I also plan on paying attention and completing all the work in class so that i don’t have to do it at home. Another thing i may do is use my…Read More

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