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    Synthesis Essay 4

    This article went through a specific survey that was conducted in 2021 among high school students in Utah. It details the physical and mental health of these teens, and how they have gotten worse over time. Specifically, the mental...

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    Original Synthesis Essay

    The state of Utah has some of the highest suicide rates in the country. There are many factors that contribute to this statistic. Some of these factors that were brought up were location, as well as gun control laws...

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    Synthesis Essay

    The article I annotated went over the increasing suicide rates in the state of Utah. They particularly addressed the age group of 10-17. They considered many possible reasons for this. One of the main reasons they came up with...

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    As someone who doesn’t have any pets, I absolutely agree that the benefits are there. If I could have a pet I would jump on the opportunity. I think the main thing that makes pets so beneficial for a person is the constant companionship that they provide a person.

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    It’s nice to hear that Obama is still staying so heavily involved in the political landscape of the US, even after his presidency. He has talked a lot about how he and his family are very relieved that he has finished his terms and is out of office, but seeing him stay in the mix is important.

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