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    The Pandemic Truth

    I have learned a lot from this pandemic. Like everyone, the daily routine I and everyone else has followed, waking up and going to school or work then after coming home, has changed. From not being able to go...

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  • Hey maxwell,

    I really liked your post. I liked how you connected your childhood past to connect with what is happening in the world. The world is being destroyed by humans and eventually the Earth will not be livable.

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    I have always focused on the problem with zoos. My articles have always been more one sided. It is hard to reason and look at another point of view someone else is feeling when you disagree with it so much. No

    Backlash on Zoos

    I have always focused on the problem with zoos. My articles have always been more one sided. It is hard to reason and look at another point of view someone else is feeling when you disagree with it so...

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    • Hi jonathan, your post is good.
      I like your idea about the problem of zoos. The zoo lack lots of regulation, they are to hurry to put it in run to make money. This is hurt for animals. Also the limited places will hurt animals’ behave too. Here’s some sources that might help you:

    • You did a good job on your post and explaining the side you disagree with. I think zoos aren’t the best of places, but in some cases, the animals living in zoos have a higher quality of life than living in the wild. Many of the wild risks are taken away, making the animals happier.
      This article goes more in depth about this:

    • Great post Jonathan!
      I like your approach to the issue and the way you pointed out the specific problems. It is shocking to discover how animals are treated at what is suppose to be their home. I think the link attached below will provide you with additional facts and give you a broader perspective into this issue.

    • Johnny, Good work with this article I agree with you that Zoo’s are having issues. Here is an article that maybe could help you out with your issues with the zoos.

      Zoos: Pitiful Prisons

    • Hi Jonathan, I also agree with your argument. This topic does not get as much publicity as it should. But the lack of regulations and ability to take care of the animals is really depressing and sad. But thank you for bring it closer to the light. I found more info that you might find interesting here:

    • The article “Backlash on Zoos” provides the writer’s opinion and examples regarding the treatment of animals in zoos. He mentions how others think animals found in zoos are treated poorly but he also mentions how that is not the case in every zoo. Every zoo is different and some are more caring and responsible towards their animals and make do with what they have available. The writer also mentions an example of why it is difficult to tell when an animal is in need of help and proceeds to show an example of a giraffe and her unborn baby.

      I really appreciate you bring into attention the treatment and examples of zoos. I agree with your provided article that some zoos are not the best with their treatment toward their animals but yet how some zoos are not as bad and actually be helpful and beneficial for animals. I understand your feelings towards many zoos because it is true that many have horrible treatment towards their animals and agree with the anger many have towards their treatment.

      How do you think we can bring more awareness to the maltreatment of animals in zoos?


  • Hey Kheriya,

    I relayed liked what you had to say. Drug addiction and gun violence is very prevalent in our society and people need to become aware of how much it has affected the community around us. I think you should add quotes from articles to help support your evidence saying in this article here are the facts that other people have found.…Read More

  • Hey Michael,

    I like what you said. You made a lot of good points that we should care for Gods creation. I think you should add direct quotes from the Bible and other religious scriptures where you see this to add more evidence. You should also add an example in which you might see Religion portrayed as an obstacle to change where you do see it…Read More

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