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  • Dear Monica,

    I appreciate your “Positive comments” post because this world needs to be more positive. There are cruel people in this world that are so negative they put there negativity on other people. I think if more people see things like this they’ll be more positive.

    One thing you wrote that stood out to me is “I learned that social media…Read More

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    Jonathan C commented on the post, Bullying

    I am very interested in your post. Bullying is a very serious thing and people don’t do anything about it. People will see someone getting bullied and they won’t do nothing.

    I agree with you when you say that teachers don’t do enough to stop bullying because kids are getting bullied everyday and don’t do nothing. Teachers always say to tell…Read More

  • Dear, Andrea: I am impressed that you noticed that emotions affect athletes performance because this is a topic no one talks about. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is”If an athlete is in a state of frustration, it is best for them to try to shift themselves into a happier mood, rather than dwelling on what made them frustrated.” I…Read More

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    Minimum wage

    In the article "YOU DECIDE: Raising the Minimum Wage" (Mcgraw Hill) I learned that Minimum wage is a topic that many argue over. At the moment minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. With this being the minimum it...

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    • Hi Jonathan,
      Really nice post, minimum wage has always been an issue especially in California.

  • Dear, Adam
    I am surprised and glad you wrote about fires because a lot of people are overlooking these dangerous fires up in northern California and these fires are polluting the air even more. They are also destroying homes of people and animals. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “I think it’s also important for not only myself, b…Read More



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