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  • realy good but I want you to put more concequences of using drugs

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    Men of Color Targeted by Police Brutality

    Based on the evidence, men of color are targets for police which is the main problem that is happening on the U.S, which have led to many protests and also to many

    Men of color targeted by Police Brutality

      Men of Color Targeted by Police Brutality Based on the evidence, men of color are targets for police which is the main problem that is happening on the U.S, which have led to many protests and also to many violent...

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    • I really like your writing and I think this is an important issue. I encourage you to look at all genders of color and not solely men of color because they are not the only ones threatened. This is a link to a growing campaign called Say Her Name. Its aim is to show the amount of women of color that are killed and endangered by police because it is never covered in the media. It’s something that I’ve never thought about until I saw this campaign.

      • Dear abby
        I agree with you and that is one of my errors that I will change because in is not only people of there are many other people that are targeted to so I will add this suner or later

    • I really like how you gave examples of men of color being killed for no reason and I also liked how you told how many people of color have been killed

    • Dear Johnathan,
      I am interested in this post curious about these question. Why is this a big idea to you? Is there more that you care about? I understand this is a issue for the U.S.A but why to you? What are you gonna do to try to make this stop?

      • this is important to me because this are people that have families and I know the pain that this people are facing and I don’t want no one else to suffer the consequences of an idea that has hurt many people for many years we need to act against this or we might be the next ones that are target as treats to the community while we haven’t done nothing at all

    • You’re writing is really strong, and I also agree with what you’re saying. This is a big issue because it’s been going on since the 1950’s and it hasn’t stopped! I actually studied this and I found out that the police killed a 12 year old boy named Tamir Rice. He was playing in the park with an unloaded orange-tipped BB gun. Someone called the police worried someone would get shot with a BB and did say it was a toy gun. The police finally showed up and gunned the boy down leaving millions worried for their lives being threatened by the police.

    • Dear jonathan

      I am very happy with your post because
      One thing you said that stands out for me is: “police brutality targeted men of color which have caused 1,096 people who have died at the hands of police.” I think this is sad, because it’s not fair for color people getting killed by the law which is the police.Also for no reason or something that they’re getting blamed on but it’s not them.
      Your post reminds me of something that happened to me. One time i was watching a movie named fruitvale bart station.This movie was about a black male name oscar grant getting murdered by a white police.He killed him for no reason and he only serve little time in jail.
      Thanks for your project. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it was very good reading what you wrote and you might stop this problem in the future when you get old.

    • Dear Jonathan,
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “Men of color are targets for police which is the main problem that is happening on the U.S, which have led to many protests and also to many violent acts by people think this is”. I think this is outrageous because it’s mostly blacks and latinos that are being targeted you rarely hear about a white person been harassed about the police the people of America need to wake up and realize that this is a social problem and the people who are being harassed by the police end up dead like Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin. The police should be there to protect us not beat and abuse on use color people.

      Sincerely, William J

    • Dear Jonathan,
      I agree with your research 100 percent, unfortunately people of color have been targets of police brutality, and not only have African American suffer this, also Latinos. I have seen on the news that this is becoming a problem, I remember seeing not long ago about a professor who the police though he had stolen his own vehicle. It turns out he didn’t and not only one but a few police officers showed up and tackled him as if he had committed a crime. African Americans and Latinos have been targets by law enforcement but that also doesn’t mean that all police officers are mean or that they want to harm others. There are many police officers who do an excellent job, who are very patient and are considerate of others. I know that it is hard to trust when we have seen so many negative news about law enforcement but trust me, there are many good police officers who care about protecting all the people regardless of their skin color. It’s sad to see how many people have died so far due to police brutality but hopefully that number will not rise. Very interesting post, I like the fact that you have some statistics, which shows that you search deeply into the topic. It is very interesting to see that there is someone willing to talk about this issue.

      • dear Yessica
        I do agree with what you are seing about police and that is one of my error not to include a part were I explain that not all police are the same and that there are many of them that do there job correctly

    • Dear abdou
      I do agree with your comment and as soon as I can I well change et


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