• According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, diversity is the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization (“Diversity”). Sara Saedi, the aut

  • Cooper,
    I like your closing statement. I think you are correct that even though we are different we can all be Americans together. I think you will find this reading about people coming together to vote for things even if they don’t see eye to eye on everything.


  • Being an American is being accepting of all people. Before and at the beginning of our country, America was a place that would allow anybody to enter our country, it became a giant melting pot of all different

    • Hello Oscar, I liked that you talked about Americans being equal. You said “The country was a giant melting pot and everybody was accepted and lived together” which shows a value of equality. If you wanted to use a different document to also show values, you could find several examples in the Declaration of Independence that would also support your claim, and show that when America was founded, it accepted all people from around the world.

    • Hi Oscar,
      I really liked how you broke down the actual intent behind many of the acts and laws that tried to stop immigration. Many of these acts (like the Chinese Exclusion Act) are talked about in our history classes, but we don’t always go over their effects and impacts on the average American. I think many of these immigration “reforms” made America more racist and less accepting of people from other cultures and religions.

      Race in America 2019

      This article from the Pew Research Center helps illustrate the country’s increasing racial tension that I believe has roots in what you wrote about. Trump and DACA certainly don’t help de-escalate these tensions either. I also liked the quote from Ellen you included. I feel the same way. Going back 20-30 years, many people of different political and racial views were friends with each other, and I think we can get back to that state in America today.

    • Oscar, I agree that our country is becoming harder to get into. Like u said since the 1790s more acts have been made to make entrance harder. Some of these acts pick out one specific group to exclude which seems crazy that our country would allow that. When u said “many of the laws were meant to tear apart our country” I didn’t quite agree. I don’t think that these laws are meant to tear us apart, I think that they are meant to keep us safe as a country. If we have completely open borders and everyone is allowed in, people who want to harm the U.S. will come in easy. These laws are in place to try to prevent those people from entering our country, but I think that picking out specific groups and excluding them more than any other group isn’t fair.

    • Oscar, I agree with you on the fact that America is a melting pot for many cultures and that nowadays some people are alienating others just because they do not believe what they believe or that they don’t have the same features. It’s a shame on how we do this and how we think its right when the Constitution has amendments that say we are all equal and that we all free to do what we want but we let these acts take place to exclude people.

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