• Is animal testing necessary to develop new medicines and advance scientific knowledge? Yes, I think it is because if we don’t test medicines on animals then how are we going to know if there are safe or not. L

    • Hi John,
      While testing animals for medicine and makeup has been helpful for us, doesn’t make the situation right. When you said “Would you give your child untested prescription?”, I wouldn’t want my family, friends, or even my pets to be tested on. And animals do not consent to be tested. It is illegal and wrong for someone to test others without their consent. Why do it to animals? From Cruelty Free International, from 2016 in the UK 35% of the animals tested experienced moderate and severe suffering. I do get your view on this and acknowledge the benefits of it, it doesn’t mean it is right for us to keep doing it. I appreciate hearing your side about this topic.
      Source: https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/why-we-do-it/what-animal-testing

    • Hey John,
      Lab mice and pigs have been used for experiments for decades. We recently used pigs in a genetic engineering experiment using CRISPER and are looking forward to human trials. I do not think it is vaccines and medications people are angry about being tested on animals since we often do much less relevant experiment on mice. However I would love to hear your opinions on cosmetic testing on animals especially when this testing could easily be done safely on humans. in many cases cosmetic testing has harmful affects on the animal that are easily avoided. Thanks!

    • Hi John,
      I agree with you that we can’t give humans untested medications and cosmetics, but I do not think that we need to test our products on animals. Plenty of companies no longer test on animals, such as Toms, Dermalogica, Method, and more (https://www.peta.org/living/personal-care-fashion/these-companies-dont-test-on-animals/). With modern technology, there are ways to test products without testing them on animals, like in vitro methods, stem cell and genetic testing methods, and micro-dosing. If youre interested heres a link where you can find out more alternatives to animal testing https://www.neavs.org/alternatives/in-testing

  • My life at this point is a quote that is “kill or get killed.” I joined the army right after high school. I planned to join for only four years, but after a contract, I sign another. I’ve been through a lot, seen

    • Dear John :
      I am encouraged by your post, “Kill Or Get Killed”, because you talk about being in a deadly scenario and how you could’ve died but one of your squad members helped you. In addition, you talk about how you have to focus on if you want to accomplish something. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “When you’re out there, your whole mind has to be focused if, you want live.” I think this is very important message because it’s a message that you can interpret in helpful ways. This is stood out to me because to do something you must be able to put your mind to it and only focus on that.
      Another sentence that I fascinated was: “ You can’t hesitate, if you’re scared, you get killed if, you don’t know what you’re doing you get killed it’s no joke.” This stood out for me because life is harsh and you must learn or adapt to something if you want to survive in the real world.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because what you wrote about was interesting and real. Like you talked about an experience that had a real message a deep meaning and I find this to be useful. To take your experience and your message and put it to use.

  • Dear Leaders of America,

    My name is John Penitani and I go to Fremont High as a Junior at the age of 16.

    I believe people should be treated equally, all races. Growing up in America as a teenager I’ve seen and h

    • Dear John Penitani,

      I agree with your post ¨Leaders, A Letter about Teanagers¨ because People in our society should be aware of what they inflict onto us as a community it will also inflict with our future. One sentence that stood out to me a lot was where you said,¨The people elected should set up new laws that would lead to less violence¨. I agree it would be nice to have laws that don't lead to much violence as we have now because it can get out of hand and if we keep going with this pattern it will be life threatening in the future. Thank you for writing! I look forward to seeing what you post next about our problems in society!

    • Dear John,
      I agree with your post because that’s what exactly happening in Oakland and in other places. I mostly agreed with you when you said “As a teenager in America there are teenagers 14-19 that are dying by drama, police brutality, and school shootings” because all people want to do now is fight and kill each other over stupid stuff, when they can just talk it out. Another point I agree on is when you said “For the police, they should be trained better so that they are more patient”. This is so true, police don’t even give people a chance to speak their mind, they just want to beat on them, kill them, or put them in jail. So I appreciate everything you said, it’s important that we talk about this piece + you should keep sharing more comments about situations like that.

    • Dear John,

      I am interested in your post because I agree that as a country, we need to unite together and fix these terrible issues, but in a peaceful way. One thing that you said that stood out to me is ” As a teenager in America there are teenagers 14-19 that are dying by drama, police brutality, and school shootings. I think the leaders of America should prioritize fixing the violence especially in places like Charlottesville and Oakland.” I think this is very intelligent because there really are so many innocent people dying and we HAVE to do something to fix it. Your essay reminds me of a paper I just wrote in my American Literature class, “What it means to be American”. In that paper, I also wrote about how fixing our problems in a peaceful way is the best solution. Thank you for sharing your project. I look forward to seeing more of your work because You are a great writer and have great ideas!

    • i enjoyed your post and how you send an important message, I agree with the points you are trying to make and the solutions you suggest!

    • John,
      This is such an inspiring, great idea. I agree with the idea of bringing the government into play to downsize violence throughout the world. There are so many beautiful brilliant minds on this earth, that don’t deserve to be killed under these circumstances, and it needs to be fixed.

    • Dear John,
      One sentence you wrote that stand out to me is “In America there are teenagers 14-19 that are dying by drama, police brutality, and school shootings.I think the leaders of America should prioritize fixing the violence especially in places like Charlottesville and Oakland.” I think this is a really powerful message and very true because police aren’t doing anything to stop this situation from occurring in any public schools.Thanks for your writing i look forward to seeing what you write next time.

    • Dear John Penitani,
      My name is Elizabeth and I agree with you and I believe your ideas about having police man being trained to be more patient, changing the laws about the guns and having elected leaders to help immigrants. One sentence from your caption that stood out to me was “I think the leaders of America should prioritize fixing the violence especially in places like Charlottesville and Oakland”. This sentence caught my attention because it really shows that you had been thinking of a change of improvements that would be very helpful. Also how you were explaining the different plans or systems that could change for improvement really showed how you want to make a change to help keep people safe.Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I believe that you really care about peoples safety and the topics you choose to talk about to make a change are very real.

    • Dear John,
      I agree with your ideas about banning firearms to keep people safe. when you talked about police brutality made me feel like nobody is safe from the police because they have the power to do anything they want with minor consequences.

    • Dear John,

      I agree with your statement on what you want to see the future for America to look like. Our elected officials must take initiative on spreading peace and learning how to accept diversity and acceptance. As you have stated in your post, too many teenagers are dying due to brutality, hate crimes, and of bullying. Us citizens must stand in solidarity to protest against this idea of hate and violence. Peace and acceptance is what America currently in in need of.


    • Hey my name is una havea, from fremont high school. I like how you took time to do this. Do you think it is okay for police to use violence against people with less power? I agree with you when you said you want the future to be beautiful

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