“Mother of six, suddenly gone mad, the children parcelled out here and there”

    -James Baldwin

    This quote in particular called out to me because it really made me imagine the desperation of that mother, the

  • About what has already been done

    people fighting

    for what they believe

    is right

    hoping to make a difference

    to change our future

    to lead us in the right way


    Our country

    being put in the hands

    of the

    • You are totally right! All throughout school the day after election I heard how our world and future is doomed. Yet what our generation is still ignorant about is that our future of our country is dependent on us not our current president. It is our adversity that will make us successful and such a great generation unlike the type if generation we have claimed to be.

    • Johanna, beautiful poem. The lack of punctuation makes the poem flow very nicely and really adds to the meaning that our country will go on, thanks to the youth of our great nation. However, what many people have failed to see lately is that we truly are a great nation. During the election, everyone seemed to lose their faith and pride in America, and after the results, people wanted to leave the country because they thought it would be doomed. People need to remember how great the U.S.A. is and know that nothing can change that.

    • I like the poem! I think the youth needs to get more educated before we can make any definite decisions on anything, and that starts with each individual student. We need to learn about issues so we can address them, not just complain about them. Your poem has a very inspiring flow to it. I think that even one more stanza would have made it really sink in.

  • As I walked down the shore looking
    at the sun disappear from my sight,
    A tiny gift given by the sea catches my eye.
    Is there laying on the damp sand getting hit
    by the waves that arrive constantly.

    As I pick it

    • I really liked your poem. It is very interesting and I liked that your use many descriptive words. I was able to really imagine it in my head.

    • I really liked your poem. It is very interesting and I liked that you used many descriptive words. I was able to really imagine it in my head.

    • Great poem! Very well written and I love the last stanza.

    • Hello,
      I really liked your poem. It is very well written and flows smoothly. I could picture exactly what you were talking about while reading this poem! Very good job!

  • Love between two women
    Or love between two men
    Or between a man and woman
    Will still remain love
    Nothing changes

    Why should I be judged
    And punished
    For feeling such a wonderful thing
    Gender is none existent

  • I’m from family reunions every Christmas,

    From playing with my cousins every afternoon.

    Water guns and pillow fights,

    A large family is where I’m from.


    I’m from arguments with my sister Lisa,

    From the “a

    • I really liked reading about your personal familial experiences. It shows me how there is nothing like family and how the experiences you have with each other live with you forever.

    • It sounds life family is very big part of your life and mean a lot to you. I can relate to all the family things you talked about i always loved my grandma’s cooking and playing with my cousins. I think you do a great job at painting the picture of where you come from. Also the order of all your thoughts is very good and they blend together great. NIce job!!!

  • “But all we learn is how to make sure
    He rapes someone else” – this part is so sad yet is so true it truly makes you think about society and what we are teaching the teen age girls of this generation.

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