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Artificial Intelligence Part 3

The first two posts I have done on this topic have been relatively negative and have outlined the possible side effects of artificial intelligence. This post will have more of the opposite; AI has and will have a positive effect on all of society and in the hands of benevolent people that is all it will be designed for. I […]

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Artificial Intelligence Part 2

After delving deeper into the topic of artificial intelligence, it has become more evident that scientists are creating computer AI for tasks we once could complete, or difficult jobs that would be simple to a computer. In order to search for more information on this topic, I went onto the Gale Virtual Reference Library to search for sources that would […]

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The Fear of Artificial Intelligence

There are many jobs around the world that require the assistance of computer generated systems and many tasks that can only be completed with them. As technology becomes more advanced and more job categories open up, these systems will inevitably be at a higher demand in number and capability. As of now artificial intelligence is at a relative low, with […]

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Social Credit Scores

If freedom is granted to you on a daily basis, it is hard to imagine living somewhere where your trustworthiness and loyalty in the eyes of your government is what determines how capable you are of living your life to the fullest. In China, there is something attached to your name everywhere you go: your “citizen score”. Your citizen score […]

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Concussions and Their Future Problems

Concussions due to sports have become dangerously more prevalent in the past decade, and some of them aren’t even reported. Brain Line states that 3.8 million concussions occur in the US per year during comp sports season and as many as 50% go unreported. The issue regarding this statistic is that we may not know exact results of a concussion. Those […]

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Sports and Brain Injuries

The effects of a brain injury can be life long, as expressed by Depending of the severity of the injury, the individual can cause impairment for the rest of your natural life. Each injury is unique, so not all have the same treatment. These impairments include memory loss, mood swings, and impaired language skills. Is playing these contact sports worth […]

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