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    I think this is an interesting post. I think it is very true that students are prone to cyberbullying and it should be stopped. This will most definitely lead those students affected to feel excluded in their own school. However, a public school that follows all rules given to other public schools have to abide by students’ rights of free…[Read more]

  • Peter, I really like this essay. When you quote Kanwal Mehmud and his statement that “Pakistan is all Pakistanis” but here in America we have so many different cultures in just one neighborhood. I think that you would enjoy the link at the bottom; it’s very interesting to look at after reading your post. It really puts your main idea in…[Read more]

  • If freedom is granted to you on a daily basis, it is hard to imagine living somewhere where your trustworthiness and loyalty in the eyes of your government is what determines how capable you are of living your

  • I think this is a good article and strives to get an important point across. I personally think that mental health is an issue that needs to be tended to first. Banning guns will not stop someone with a strong will to do malice. More than a half million guns are stolen each year, according to Giffords Law Center, and then sold. Although banning…[Read more]

  • This a very interesting and informative post. It is unfortunate that student debt is growing, but good that it is growing slower than before. As I near college, student loans and debt concern me, as it seems as if there is no getting around the responsibility of paying them off. The results from CBS News are pleasing, but not very assuring. I…[Read more]

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    Li, I think this discussion topic is very interesting. It’s awesome that attention is being called to this and it really changes your view on things you don’t see as possible. It was well articulated and the beauty in a blind photographer is really well discussed. Here are some interesting people and who are also blind…[Read more]

  • Kianna, this is so interesting. In the times that we’re in, the drinking age seems to be unimportant. It’s nice to see this and have attention called to it. I like this discussion post and I think this link would provide an interesting pro/con list for this topic.


  • Concussions due to sports have become dangerously more prevalent in the past decade, and some of them aren’t even reported. Brain Line states that 3.8 million concussions occur in the US per year during comp

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      Joseph, I think that is pretty scary that they go unreported especially 50%. I totally believe that though because for some athletes especially if it’s not effecting you or giving you a ton of pain st the moment your gonna wanna keep pushing or play whatever your playing because your not gonna wanna sit out. Me being an athlete myself I get that feeling to if you get hurt and it doesn’t seem that serious at the time your not gonna want to tell anyone. I do think that people should tell if they were to have a concussion because it’s not worth it if you could have future problems.

  • I think all of these points are legitimate and well spoken, but I think this sarcastic remark with no purpose but to make fun of someone commenting doesn’t contribute to the discussion of the issue. Whatever side your audience stands on, all points of view should be respected and comments should contribute, not take a stance of making fun of an…[Read more]

  • Li, this post is very interesting. Everyone these days are obsessed about their iPhone and the next one coming out. Another negative about smartphones is that it decreases the need for in person interactions. There has been an obvious drop in people physically going out and interacting face to face with friends; instead they text them or speak to…[Read more]

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    Miriam, this post is very interesting and informative. When we think about the legalization and use of marijuana, we rarely think about the role insurance companies have in the process. If it is used for medical purposes, then why isn’t insurance covering it? I think you would really enjoy an article I read about insurance companies and the growth…[Read more]

  • The effects of a brain injury can be life long, as expressed by SpinalCord.com. Depending of the severity of the injury, the individual can cause impairment for the rest of your natural life. Each injury is

    • I like the argument a lot and this is big in a lot of kids lives today. This post was well written, but I would maybe mention the sport that causes these injuries such as Football, Lacrosse, and etc.

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