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    All about myself

    Who am I?
    The name is Joe.
    Could be short for Joseph.
    Or a nickname for Joey.
    But its none of them.
    Its Joe.
    The things that I like is many.
    From eating to sleeping.
    And most of all to enjoying

    • This comic is a good piece of work. The graphic weight I noticed was you stading near a couple buildings and just standing there as if you are thinking. Also the part where your comic charcter says you have a chance not alot of people have was good grphic weihgt.

    • Dear Joe,
      To start off, I like the title of your memoir. It got my attention. I enjoyed reading your piece. I hope to read more. Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with me and other people.

  • Dear Marlon,
    What an interesting piece you have Marlon. I like that you have poured your heart into this piece and to why you were quiet. This sentence interests me, “Most of the time I choose to be antisocial and lonely.” most of the times all of us have gone through that and it gives us insight about were we are as a person. Great job at making…[Read more]

  • I’m____ As Hell
    I’m curious as hell.

    Curious to know what makes us who we are.

    Curious to know how we are different yet the same.

    But what is curiosity to others.

    Does it help people to bring them c

    • Dear Joe,
      I am interested in your poem, I’m ____ As Hell, because I believe that curiosity is something that we need in our lives. I believe this because if we don’t have this part of us then we would never be able to do the things we do, we would have never discovered the things we have discovered, or we would have never adapted or be how we are. curiosity is something we need and it helps us become better and stronger.

    • Dear Joe,
      I was actually curious to read your poem, it flows nicely. Have you heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat? I am the cat because i wanted to know what you were trying to say, and it makes sense. I appreciate your curiosity of things and asking questions and the positives of being curious.

  • Dear Angeles,
    I really liked how you express your name in that defines who you are. But the best thing about your name is that it have a lot of different meanings.

  • Dear Angela,
    I like how you’re name doesn’t stop you for being who your are and what you do. That in you’re own way, you cherished your name and the significance to how you interpret it. However, the most important part of your piece that caught my attention is “Even if my name means something that isn’t me, I wouldn’t change it because the iro…[Read more]

  • Hello my name is Joe Espinello. What could Joe mean? Joe a name that is used in many movies of classic and comedy. One of the many things that Joe means is coffee. You could think that coffee is like a cup of Joe.

    • Dear Joe,

      I really enjoyed reading your piece because it was very entertaining and made me laugh. I never noticed how unique your name was until this and it was really cool to learn the different meanings of your name and what your nicknames used to be.

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