• Hey, My name is Jocelyn go follow me on instagram @Joceegobrazzy and add me on snapchat @Jocelyn17385.I really liked the part where you said “Adults say I should love a specific person but my heart says I should love whoever I want.” I agree with you because your heart is telling you to love whoever no matter if your parents are wrong about it.…[Read more]

  • Hey, My name is Jocelyn go add me on instagram @Joceegobrazzy. I really like the part where you said “This separation will soon lead to desperation the desperation turns to fascination and soon all the dreams will vanish. This sentence is hella strong because a lot of families that get separated may feel or feel like this and it’s sad to even t…[Read more]

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    Hey, My name is Jocelyn and I am really impressed by your poem. I really liked the part where you said “Waking up every morning feeling like shit depressed as fuck asking myself why the fuck did I have to wake up again then walk into school into humanities and put on that fake smile and say yea “I’m fine”. “ I really felt that because I be feelin…[Read more]

  • “We are not toys”
    I am really impressed with these words because I agree so much with you boys thing we are toys to play with like no boo we have feeling. But I really like your poem it’s strong and powerful. “Our happiness does not depend on on boys”
    I also really like the part were you said we don’t need to depend on boys like we really don…[Read more]

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    This poem is about my passing uncle that I lost from gun violence. It was a very sad moment for me and my family. Till this day I cry for him it just hearts but no matter what I gotta keep my head up. So I hope

    • Dear Jocelyn,

      Thank you so much for sharing your poem, “HURT” on Youth Voices. The meaning behind the poem is super strong, and you did an excellent job with your writing. Your poem reminds me of the book/movie, “The Hate U Give” because the character Khalil gets killed even though he was completely innocent, just like your uncle. Thank you so much for publishing your work, and I look forward to reading your next piece.

      • Julian
  • This is my Shadow Box. This Shadow Box represents the dominant narrative and counter narrative. The difference between these two is that dominant narrative means how society sees you as and counter narrative means

    • Dear Jocelyn,
      I am impressed by your piece of writing “Jocelyn’s Shadow Box” because your words were powerful and you talked about a topic that is very important and sensitive sometimes. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was “you have to be a woman of the house when in reality us women are able to many things as man.” I think this is a stereotype that many women face and stay silent about it but you were able to address this stereotype.

  • Dear Grady,

    I would like to say that your shadow box is amazing, because you put in a lot of detail.Another reason I really liked your shadow box is the fact that you put your friends and you said that they mean a lot to you and they make a big impact in your life.

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