• I’m Jocelyn, I’m 18 years old and I’m American and Mexican. I was born in the United States but my roots are from Mexico. Something important to know about me would be I’m a really sensitive person but not a l

    • Jocelyn, while I can’t relate to your position exactly, I know how it feels to be stressed out and ready to finish high school! It may seem difficult to find the strength to keep going, especially when you are ready to graduate, but trust me, your success when you get your diploma will be all worth it. In the beginning you said you are sensitive but a slow learner. In my experience, the quiet and thoughtful people are the people that learn from observing and go on to know themselves very well. I hope you continue to follow your passion for English, whatever that may be. I am glad that you feel like you have had your turning point and you are now on the right track. While this is just a funny article, I hope you get a few laughs and this gives you the motivation to push through! https://www.huffingtonpost.com/karielle-stephanie-gam/7-tips-to-help-you-fight-_b_2604028.html Thanks for your honesty, Jocelyn!

    • Dear Jocelyn, I enjoyed reading your story because I can relate to what you are saying, you said “I feel like I wont be able to graduate and feel like time is running out for me.” I can relate to this part because not one time in my school year did I not stress in school and felt that i wouldn’t be able to graduate because i though i wouldn’t get my work done in time, what I can tell you to that help me get through that worry was complete my work and make up my hours in school when i had the chance to, keep on trying and don’t stress ! anybody can make it if they try. I really like your picture because when i think about stressing and school work the time clock always comes to my head.
      sincerely Ana

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