• A Change for the Better


    “Pues mi niñas los vamos!” All I heard from my father’s mouth.

    My dad told me that we had to move because he had gotten a new job.

    The only things going through my head at the moment

    • Dear Joanna,
      I can strongly agree with what it was like moving from a place you’ve lived at for a really long time. I felt the same way but once I figured we moved for the better, it all got easier to process.

    • Dear Joanna,
      I like your writing piece because your writing piece is like a mix of both poem and story. I like the line, “A few more hours later we had gotten to our new city and home… I just wanted to scream and cry.
      But at the end I wanted for everything to be, Fine. Good. Better.” I like that line because it really shows how although you didn’t want to move away, you were still trying to hold up and think the best. I hope to see more of your writing pieces in the future.

    • Dear Joana,
      I can relate to this, I have also had to go through a change like this and I will have to again soon when I move in a couple of months or some years. However, I hope that everything is going well so far.

    • Dear Joana,
      Your piece was great I feel like many people can relate to it.

    • Joanna,
      I like your writing piece I think it is very sincere and something very relatable. I had to go through a change too but I am glad things got better for the both of us. Change can always be good for people.
      Besides the story I like the structure of your writing. I think its very clear how you did verses and then words to describe something. I think this is a very creative writing style.
      I hope to keep reading your writing!

    • Dear Joanna,
      I like the piece you have decided to share, change is always hard to go through with. I struggle with change too. I like how you intwine your own feelings along with those of your family. I hope you still have those connections with whomever you knew in LA, and that the memories you made being in Oakland have been just as great. This story was amazing, and I’m glad you are good at adapting to these changes.

    • Dear Joanna
      Wow!!! I really enjoyed reading your writing. I loved the Spanish dialogue you put in. It made it more interesting. I’m glad you shared this moment/ event with me and everyone else. Goood job! …

  • Dear Kris,
    This poem is very relatable as being an athletic myself this is a form of saying that no matter what just have fun. Your writing piece is interesting and engaging. I loved how you put another quote of an athletic player that helps and motivates you.

  • Why am I energized as Hell?

    Joanna Castillo


    Sometimes i’m quiet.

    But maybe not all the time.

    Times flies.

    You grow up.

    Your brought down.

    But your in charge.

    Of those feelings deep

    • Dear Joanna,
      I find it pretty cool how you are such a positive person. Always have a lot of energy as far as I can see. You’re right about how time flies so try your best to enjoy it while you can and don’t let bad vibes affect you.

    • Dear Joanna,

      I am amazed by the energy that you have. A lot of people aren’t really energetic and are really lazy. One sentence that you wrote that stands out for me is, ¨The new energy created, The one that makes me want to jump and dance.¨I think this is because you use that energy for your benefits and to help yourself. It is always good to help yourself first and use that energy to do good things like dancing. Another sentence that I liked was, ¨Of those feelings deep inside of you. I let the negative vibes pass by.¨ I like this because you let the negative things just go and it is good because you don’t want to have bad vibes. I agree with you that time goes by really fast and you have to enjoy every single second that you have.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like how energetic you are and how much more you are capable of writing.

    • Dear Joanna,
      I just want to let you know that this poem is beautiful. You truly do have a lot of energy and you can tell that just in the poem that you have energy. It is good that you decided not to let negative energy get to you, and to continue with your life being happy.

  • Dear Itzel,

    I am really proud that you wrote this piece for your name memoir. “The real meaning of my Name” is really good and engaging because if other people were to read it, it would show how engaged and how you like your name show them the important of other names too. One sentence yo wrote that stands out for me is,” My name represents who…[Read more]

  • Behind those Letters   

    Joanna Castillo Gutierrez… yes that’s me my parents story on naming me basic. My name has many meanings in the world of google. Yes my name might not be as cool as I would like it to be bu

    • Dear Joanna,

      I really like your poem “Behind those letters” its a really Nice peace. You really try to explain what you want to say in your memoir and I really like how you ended your poem with ” You are the person[…]not the people around you”

    • Dear Joanna,
      Your poem says a lot about you and how you are as a person, and i like how mentioned that your name may be “boring” but you are still confident in representing your name and i appreciate that about you sharing that.

    • Joanna,
      I really liked your post. Sometimes we don’t really think about the significance of our names, so it was nice how you took the time to reflect on what your name meant to you and also your parents. It was meaningful when you talked about why your parents gave you your name and how it means “a gift from God.” Like you said, you are the person representing your name and it is up to you on how you do that. You define who you are and what your name means. Nice job.

    • Joanna,
      I really like this post. Our names are very important us. Oddly enough, I think about my name a lot. My real name is Magalin. Ever since I was little I have been called Maggie, so it makes me wonder that if I went by Magalin would I be different than I am today? Your poem made me think a lot my name. What if I was named something different? Would I be different. I personally think that we grow with our name so I would be different. Great Post!

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