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The Causes of Violent Outbursts in youth (Abstract Available)

Abstract: In our developing world more and more is learned about the development of youth. One of the most understudied yet highly present confusions in youth development is the sudden spur of outbursts of violence.  Many theories are developing around the source of the violence found in youth as well as early prevention solutions in hopes of preventing violent outbursts […]

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Research for ‘The Causes of Violence in Youth’ Part 4

For my continuing research on the causes of violence in youth, I decided to look more into the theory that trauma is the root cause. Today one of the most highly debated parts in the research world of child development is the cause of  violence in youth.While researching this on the Pioneer Online Library, I found an incredibly useful article […]

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Violent Outbursts in Youth

In a continuation of the research paper I began last week, seen here, I decided to do more research to help find the answer to my thesis question. I have to decided to narrow down my research question to better fit my theory. What is the relationship between violent outbursts in youth and what they learn from others around them? […]

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Causes of Violent Outbursts in Youth, A Research Paper

I chose for my research paper topic to study the causes of violent outbursts in youth. I chose this topic because I work as a Promise Prevention Specialist. In my work, myself and other prevention specialists work with highly troubled children. Often they are immigrants, refugees, have experienced homelessness at least once in their lives, or are moving through the […]

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Business Beginnings

One of the questions I often ask is “How can I start a business?” Business is something I have always been interested in and a extra money for school is always needed, so I wondered if setting my own business up was possible. I’m not imagining of starting a fortune five hundred business tomorrow, but I would like to begin […]

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