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Shakespeare Soliloquy

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How Can Translation Be Harmful to Understanding?

Translations are an integral part of our world. Books are translated, movies are translated, even live events are translated. The fundamental understanding of translating is just changing the words from one language to the other. In other words, you just change languages. But the understanding of this is not exact. There are many cases in which translation does not give […]

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Why Do Language Barriers Exist?

With a near 7,000 distinct languages, there must be significant difference between one speech pattern and another across the languages. Due to this, language barriers exist, but what causes the need for different words and expressions varies from culture to culture. With the globalization of the world, many languages have adapted to take on ideas from other languages. For example, […]

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Does Grammar Really Exist?

One subject at the base of linguistics is grammar. It is the sentence order and the way we speak. What is more interesting, is the ideas behind what is correct and what is not. At base level, grammar has to exist, as it affects the meaning of words. For example, Lynne Truss’ book Eats, Shoots and Leaves, she discusses the need […]

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Can the Way You Were Raised Make You a Criminal?

Two of the largest factors of the human personality are nature and nurture. Some argue that the two are separate, but others argue that they are interrelated. As science has delved deeper into the human person, nature and nurture have shown equal importance to the qualities of the human being. However, Psychology is often not as exact of a science […]

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Moral Implications of Drug Use

Overtime, non-prescription drug use has decreased in popularity, however, the recent movement to legalize marijuana has changed precedent. Before the legalization of marijuana, the legal drugs most often used recreationally were cigarettes and alcohol – using the definition that drugs are anything that cause a change of mind state. However, cigarettes fell out of popularity as negative repercussions for their […]

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Extinction of Expression

Language is a conduit for thought. It is timeless and encompasses a past and a present. Through words, we as humans express our thoughts in a way unique to our surroundings. Korean speaker will have access to different meanings than a French speaker and the French speaker from an English speaker. However, more than half of the languages spoken today […]

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“Kill Yourself”

On average in the U.S. 121 people die by suicide every single day making suicide the 10th leading cause of death. NFSP reports a steady incline in the suicide rate and mental illness is at an all time high – whether that be because professionals diagnose better, people are getting more ill, or people feel more comfortable discussing issues. Suicide […]

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Is Truly Clean Energy Possible?

Cleaner energy sources are definitely possible, but is pure energy possible? Things like electric cars are not necessarily cleaner, they just produce pollution elsewhere. There is testing in using ocean waves’ kinetic energy to power society. There are also well-known alternatives like solar power, hydroelectric power, windmills, and so on. However, could mass use of these numerous “clean energies” prove […]

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