• Alexandra, I love to hear that you find this issue as important as you do. The state of our Earth worsens with each passing moment and I agree that serious steps towards recovery need to be taken now. I love that you mentioned #savethebees as well as bees are often over looked as being important. It’s about time that people stop expecting others…[Read more]

  • Zoe, interesting view of why cities have developed the way that they do. I think to an extent, you are right, however, I don’t think it is right to assume that sympathy comes totally from experience or to say that conservatives lack sympathy. There’s a trend that I agree exists, but I am curious to how outliers come to be. For example, I’d love to…[Read more]

  • Language is a conduit for thought. It is timeless and encompasses a past and a present. Through words, we as humans express our thoughts in a way unique to our surroundings. Korean speaker will have access to

    • Hi Jacqueline, I am intrigued by your topic. I agree that culture is really important for us and we don’t want to loose them. Especially for language, you said that ” more than half of the languages spoken today are considered endangered by linguists” which surprised me. I know some dialects in China are near extinction because younger generation tend to speak Mandarin at school or to their peers. Although they can understand the dialect, they can’t speak it with their family. If we loose our language, our culture, we will never get it back.
      Here is a useful resource: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-languages/chinas-minority-languages-face-threat-of-extinction-idUSTRE62B0EW20100312
      Well done!

    • Jacqueline,
      This is a very interesting topic because this is something we don’t see or talk about everyday. I like how you explain that we need to be more focused on this so we don’t lose it in the future. The fact that half the languages spoken today are endangered means that these languages most likely aren’t going to be used in the future. Without these languages, we will lose a lot of the culture that our ancestors grew up with and that needs to change. Here is an article I think you might like about the extinction of languages. https://www.linguisticsociety.org/content/what-endangered-language

    • Hey Jacqueline, this is pretty neat. I have heard before that many languages are considered endangered, much like animals, but I didn’t really realize the sheer quantity of languages that fall under this category. I think it’s kind of sad that your grandmother deemed languages other than English “superfluous knowledge’, but I can understand why she feels that way. With so many countries learning English in order to better participate in the world market dominated by it, virtually everyone knows at least first-grade-level English. A website I found has a lot of statistics on languages that you might be interested in is:
      Hope you can teach us more on this subject in the near future!

  • Niki,
    Interesting article, you may be interested in a ted talk where the vegetarian diet is discussed. For those less willing to give up meat, he suggests being vegetarian just a few days a week. Overall, I like to know the impacts of each diet type especially as it relates to the greater environment not just us. There’s a lot of basis upon which…[Read more]

  • Jasmine,
    I believe that the problem is not so simple as saying that the problem is actually in the kneeling, but rather the context around it. I agree that there is a problem and that they are right to protest, because there are obvious statistics showing that racism is still alive. However as Mark Twain has said, “Loyalty to country always.…[Read more]

  • On average in the U.S. 121 people die by suicide every single day making suicide the 10th leading cause of death. NFSP reports a steady incline in the suicide rate and mental illness is at an all time high –

    • Hello again! I really appreciate your analysis of the problem of crude jokes centered around mental illness. In a way, It makes sense why people use the “kill yourself joke”. The subject of comedy is often also the subject of upsetting instances and occurrences. Similar to racial, gay, or political jokes, suicide jokes are widespread in the teenage world of social media. Jokes are said to be a way of laughing when the subject really makes you want to cry. And I can see the truth in that nearly everywhere. Although many jokes can be unintentionally harmful, I find suicide jokes are nothing but harmful. A laugh is the only differentiating quality between a joke and words that can end a life. And that’s not a good sign. There are lots of organizations and agencies that try to help prevent suicide, but even they can’t compensate much for the lack of funds. Another resource you might use is (http://www.apa.org/monitor/oct03/socialclass.aspx). I look forward to your future writings!

  • Valeria,
    Great topic and or research I would look at each different technology companies’ outlooks. For example Google has a website on how to apply for jobs there as well as some tips, the job description, etc. here:…[Read more]

  • Gary,
    Interesting topic choice and unfortunately very relevant to today’s society. In order to strengthen your argument, I would suggest giving a little information on why you chose domestic violence against women. Both domestic violence against men and women exists and can be very damaging, but to support why society needs to focus on the women…[Read more]

  • Aneliese, this was very informative and gave me a really concrete idea on what exactly animal farming is doing to our ecosystems. I saw that you sourced PETA who has stood by veganism/vegetarianism for a long time and promotes animal rights very vehemently. You mentioned lessening meat consumption as well as sustainable farming, but I have not…[Read more]

  • Keaton, this is awesome that you wrote about this because Asian american history is very rarely talked about even today despite being a major part of our history. Aoki and Kochiyama are completely new names to me which is unfortunate, but I’m glad you are taking an active role in spreading their work. You may find it interesting to look into…[Read more]

  • Cleaner energy sources are definitely possible, but is pure energy possible? Things like electric cars are not necessarily cleaner, they just produce pollution elsewhere. There is testing in using ocean waves’ k

    • Hi Jacqueline! I must say, I love your writing! This topic has been boggling my mind for quite some time now and I’m happy to see that it’s not just me that is concerned about the future of our environment. What you have explained in this is super informative as I didn’t have a clue that bioenergy increases methane. Something that I would like to know more about is the amount of greenhouse gasses produced using fossil fuels as compared to green energy. Just how big of a difference would it make if we did manage to switch to green energy? Can’t wait to see where you can go with this.

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