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  • Totally agree. I like the freedom to speak and to listen without complete conflict. I am doing Letters to the Next President 2.0 next week. I am really excited to see what the kids come up with.

  • I keep thinking…

    Why must the world be one so filled with conflict? From social media to harsh political commercials to harsh words yelled at a debate? I believe that one of the major stems of conflict that is

    • I think small screens are a curse that we have to deal with these days. A curse that holds enough blessings that it’s worth it. We all have some level of love and hate with technology. We can’t always have a large screen with us. So I guess we need to just suck it up and deal with it. Unless we want to chuck it all…

    • Hello,
      I enjoyed reading your post. I believe there are many positive things about small devices, but they can also cause some problems. I feel people do not feel as comfortable taking to someone in person because of cell phones. Making a phone call or texting someone is a lot easier, but can sometimes be less professional. I think that it is a good idea to take a break from screens once in awhile.

    • Great writing, I completely agree that small screens have caused harm but are still a necessary part of society. Mostly everyone I know uses a cell phone to communicate to one another. With so many possibilities of communication, relationships could be ruined. When you said that these “small screens” are causing hate and bullying I can relate to that. I see posts on Instagram, twitter, and snap chat all the time making fun of someone or just being mean. I believe that every single person should take a little bit of time out of their day to be unhooked from everything. Taking away cell phones and technology will be impossible, like you said, but I just think that these small screens are annoying. For example when I’m talking to someone in person but they are on their phone, I just wanna scream “STOP!” Something needs to be done about the overuse of technology.

    • Hello,
      It’s hard to say whether or not small screens are a help or a curse, because I view them as kind of being both. I understand why some people believe small screens to be beneficial because they can be very useful in finding information quickly. It makes more sense to look something up on your phone then go find the nearest computer and look it up. However, I think that some people use their small screens for bad purposes, such as bullying. I would say that it is easier to communicate through a screen than it is to face-to-face. Also, I found your post to be interesting and point out a lot of important things.

  • This post is amazing! So much for the next president to examine and to put an effort toward in fixing with this issue. Good work in speaking up about such a pressing issue in our society.

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