• Dear Tyler,
    I am Surprised by your post because now I know things I didn’t know before. I am an emigrant and I go to school with people from other countries and cultures and in my lifestyle there is not a lot of racism. Maybe in the time of Tupac or in that place there was a lot of racism. I didn’t know this before because my first language is…[Read more]

  • This is a very sad experience because I had to leave everything behind, for example, my family. I need most of all my mother and my brothers. I left everything for better opportunities to study. I remember

    • Dear Joshua:

      I am excited by your post, “My immigrant Story,” because you went through a lot just to have a better life. I think you are very very strong for going through all that. Not having food or living on the streets makes you stronger because look now you have more things and help other people. I love how you say you help people on the streets because you already went through that and you don’t want them to be there in the streets too.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “I saw some poor people in these communities and I helped the poor people by giving them some money. I don’t want anyone to live like I lived.” I think this is great because you help people who need it. It’s good that you’re so generous and kind because that makes you stronger as a person.

      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like this type of history. They make me very touching. They make you reason a lot.


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    Dear Humera,
    I am curious about your post, “short story,” because I want to know why you chose the Brooklyn Bridge in your photograph. How do you know this place? Do you go a lot to this place? I like this place because it makes me feel comfortable. This place is the best place for thinking. The girl in your dialogue says that she feels goo…[Read more]

  • Dear Genesis,

    I am interested in your post, “first time in New York” because not all people help people. It’s very difficult for them to speak their own language, because some people are racist against hispanic people. One person in your story decided to help this person as he behaved when he was going to eat. When I was in New York for t…[Read more]

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    I am curious why you chose this place.

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    me gusta por que es bonito pero algunas personan piensan diferentes yo soy de Honduras y los desastres naturales me quitaron parte de mi familia

  • I am the ferry. I go to Manhattan because it is my job everyday, because I have to take people to work on time.  I am beautiful because people feel comfortable and satisfied because they arrive faster than the

    • HI Joshua,

      I love your poem about the ferry and the river!


    • i like you poem

    • Mi bro metiendo mano Honduras en la casa papà💙💙🏆

        • Dear Joshua,

          I really like how u express your point of view in this writing.

          I like u put urself in the place of the ferry as if the ferry was writing.

          I like that u took the picture in the night that makes the photo deeper.