• In the article that I read this week to show a point that counters my argument it started off with a quote that I thought showed a good point that was on the other side of my argument. “Revelations that top o

  • Hi Bladimiro,
    I found your article very interesting, especially the part where you talked about how the book was and easier read than you thought it was going to be. I am excited to see what else you find.

  • Hi Ethan,
    I think this is another great topic that you have brought up. In regards to the first part of your article I think that college athletes are already getting a good deal by getting there education paid for seeings as there is a very small chance to go pre. I also think that it was a smart move for the ball family to pull out there son of…[Read more]

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    I think this is a very interesting topic you have because there are many student athletes that would like to do what this guy does but do not want to give up the sport that they love and a free education. I think that you will find a lot of interesting things that have to do with this topic and I am excited to see what else you find.
    I…[Read more]

  • The first website that I looked at for this assignment talked about the pros and the cons for using drone strikes internationally.

    The first pro that this article talks about is how drone strikes make the United

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    I think that this is a very cool article that you have written. I like how you have set your sights high and believe that you can achieve anything. I like how at the end you brought up a different point than what your the first part of your article brings up. But do you think that stereotypes still occur today because everyone is afraid…[Read more]

  • Sofia,
    this is a great topic that you have and I have found it very interesting. I think it is cool how you are concerned about our planet and the lives of others. I am excited to see what else you find on this topic.

  • I think that the U.S. should continue its use of drones because it makes the U.S. a safer place. In the article Should the United States Continue Its Use of Drone Strikes Abroad? ProCon.org argues both sides to

    • Thanks Jack for your post! I’ve always found it interesting and kind of scary how the US can basically send a highly accurate bomb anywhere in the world at anytime to spy on or kill anyone. Technology is truly a terrifying things and whether or not we should use to its full use is up for grabs at some times. The use of drones so far has been in my opinion responsible and used for the right purposes to protect our people however, its when the use of drones becomes much more prevalent and efficient I fear. Also just like any technology, things can go wrong and innocent people can be killed which is pointed out in this article

      Is the potential loss of innocent life worth it? I don’t know but we will have to see how the future plays out because I’m sure we will be seeing many more drones in the future.

  • Sean,
    I found your topic vey interesting. I liked how you talked about why you chose your topic and that there has been a fatality from over studying. Here is an article that I think you will enjoy https://www.thebalance.com/time-management-tips-2947336 . Great article and I am eager to see what else you find

  • Sofia,
    This is a great topic that you have and I am glad you brought it up. This is a very large topic in the U.S. because like you said it is the largest rollback of federally protected land in Americas history. You might find this article interesting. https://earther.com/trump-just-destroyed-bears-ears-national-monument-in-a-1820983891

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  • I do not think that patriotic people do things that they see as un-American, they do something that they think will benefit what they have as an idea of America. Their actions appear as un-American to everyone

    • This is an interesting post, Jack. I agree with what you said about kneeling for the national anthem, and how many people saw that as a dig at America and its history. I see it as one of the most patriotic actions we have seen in the past few years; the players are using freedom of speech to change something that they see as being wrong with our country, and are acting out against it (https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/09/kneeling-for-life-and-liberty-is-patriotic/540942/). I have a lot of respect for this, and am of the opinion that speaking out against something bad that happens in our country is about as American as it gets. I will look forward to your next post.

  • Hi Koji,
    I think you have found a very strong topic to cover and have good information to show your point. I was very surprised to hear that the crime rate has decreased over the last few years. My question is, how can the government do a better job on making sure that the wrong people do not commit crimes.
    Here is a great article…[Read more]

  • Hi Kevin,
    After reading your first paragraph I realized that you have a very strong topic. In one of the first sentences you stated that foreign people should be able to drive on U.S. soil without a drivers license and not get in trouble with the law if anything goes wrong on the road. I think you have a very strong topic and I am eager to see you…[Read more]

  • Most studies show that yes Americans do in fact eat too much meat. One article that I read stated that it not only is not good for us but also not good for the environment. We do not need to stop eating meat in

    • Great article Jack,
      There is always too much that can be had of anything, and for Americans it is meat. There is always advertisements enticing citizens to buy their product of meat. The consumption of meat is something that needs to be worried about because there are studies that show how excessive meat consumption can cause a variety of problems in a people. I have an article that shows the problems of eating meat excessively that might interest you.


      All in all, I liked the topic that you came up with for your article and hope you continue to keep writing.

    • Jack, nice job with raising awareness. I agree that an influx of something is not that beneficial to us, and also to the environment. I liked how you were able to tie the topic of health to the environment. However, as humans, we require certain amino acids that only come from meat such as tryptophan, lysine, threonine, and others that we cannot consume from only eating a vegetarian diet. Nice topic and I liked the passion. Keep up the good work.

  • Caleigh,
    I think that this is a very revenant topic in the world today. I am also a senior in High School and going through the application process and seeing what college is the right one for me, cost is a very large part of deciding where to go. I think that you have a very strong topic and agree with what you have said above.

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    I really liked how you told your own story of how you learned about the word and the explained what the word meant and why you liked it.

  • Hi Alejandro,

    I think that it is really cool what you put in your box. I am really intrigued with the things you put in the box. I think this is a cool project to show who you are and what you believe in.

  • I think that movies and television shows have a large impact on society today. Studies have shown that people who watch movies or television for at least four hours in a week tend not to exercise so often. To

    • I agree with the fact that movies does influence our behavior because if you watch movie that you know you not suppose to watch then don’t watch it and if you know tv is going to make it hard for you to get off the couch and workout then stay away from it.

    • Dear Jack,
      I am intrigued by your post Do what movies we watch influence our behavior? because I also believe that t.v. influences how we act. One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is the first sentence where you said television is a big impact on society. I think this sentence is true because when we watch t.v. it can change how we think of the world or see the world. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you had a good opinion.

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