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    Should students be required to wear school uniforms?

    School uniforms have become one of the most debated topics in our society today. Some people believe that wearing uniforms to school is a “must” while other people think that uniforms are a complete waste of money. In this...

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    • I I agree with you Jose. Because I think that having uniform has a purpose of connecting to the school that you are in. But also not wearing a uniform it gives a sense of choosing what you want to wear every morinng.

    • Jose,
      I think this is such an interesting topic to debate. I love that you pointed out both sides as well. Personally, I have never really cared for wearing uniforms, but it was never something I absolutely hated. I never looked at it from the side of it being a connection with your school, and helps show some sort of school spirit. I always looked at it as something that we were forced to do to look nice, rather than be a connection with the school, so I found that to be very insightful!

    • Jose,

      I agree with you about school uniforms, and I like how you talk about both sides and explain what the school uniforms mean to a school. I personally have no problem with uniforms because throughout my educational life I have worn school uniforms 9/10. It really has helped break down barriers because we all look the same and there are no distractions. At some point I did look at uniforms and thought I don’t want to be forced to wear this and try to rebel but now I know that it’s better, plus I don’t have to worry about picking a different outfit everyday for school.

  • Jose wrote a new post

    Should more gun control laws be enacted?

    According to the Los Angeles Times, "almost 146 out of 167 mass shootings could have been prevented in the past 5 years if more gun control laws would have been enacted". Should more gun control laws be enacted? Should...

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    • I like how you talk about this question from different perspectives. First, I agree with more gun control laws be enacted, but we should still be allowed people to have the gun just in case. As a person from a country where the citizen doesn’t be allowed to use a gun, I was surprised that why the US can allow people to own a gun. But for whatever reason, since the people here already have the ability to own a gun, I don’t think is a good idea to take off their right. If they are banned to use a gun, there still are a lot of people holding a gun illegally. They might get their gun from some underground market, which is the government can’t trace. So the people can’t protest themselves from the people who hold the gun illegally. So my opinion is still allowed people to hold their guns for self-protecting but use the law to restrict their rights.

    • Dear, Jose

      I enjoyed reading your article. I liked the fact that you analyzed different sides of the ongoing controversial debate. That provided me with insight into the gun control laws. To explain my stance, I agree that more gun controls laws to be enacted. First of all, as you mentioned in your article, 146 mass shootings could have been prevented. Moreover, there are a lot of issues with guns these days. I think enacting more gun control laws could help prevent these unfortunate events. Thank you for writing such an awesome article that provides details to both of the sides of the debate. I look forward to your next articles.


    • Dear Jose,

      I agree with the part where guns should have laws to decrease mass shootings. However, I don’t fully agree with the part where you said that if someone buys a gun, the person will be ok with using guns against someone or killing them. Some people might just have a gun for self-protection because anyone can buy a gun and they can come up and threaten you. I personally believe that guns should be sold in a place where the government can check the person’s data and decide if they are able to carry a gun safely. So then mass shootings where people have a mindset of revenging people or people who send out threats on SNS would not be able to buy a gun.


    • Dear Jose
      I did enjoy the article you have wrote but I do have some questions about what you have said in it. Most of the mass shootings that have happened were caused by people who were mental Ill and other reasons. Some of these shootings were realized too late, so I don’t think they were preventable at most. Do I think that weapons, in general, should be banned? No, this is a violation of our right to own any firearms. should it be regulated heavily to see who gets it, yes I think it should.


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