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  • I couldn’t help but click on your comment after seeing your image Hector! There’s something so powerful and mystical about it at the same time! Your comparison between the Ghana and Songhai empires is very straightforward, which I love. Could you possibly go into more detail, so we could get a better picture of these time periods? Was there any…Read More

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    Jenna commented on the post, This Is My Body

    Hi Imani! Your title is what brought my attention to your comment because it is such a powerful line. Your poetry is beautiful. Is there a specific issue this poem of yours it trying to address? I would recommend adding some form of figurative language to create an image for the readers. Outside of that beautiful poem and communication.

  • Mashia what drew me to your comment was your image of the ” The Hate U Give”. I have read the book and watched the movie and I want to say, that your interpretation of a statement the main character would have made is right on par. I wish you had incorporated what part of the book this statement would have been in because it seems like a very…Read More

  • Akina I really love the title of the image you used for your comment, it is a great way to get the reader’s attention. The only suggestion is that I wish you had made this to be more of your analysis and interpretation of the text, rather than a reiteration of information. I do love how you pulled from the text, to support the claims you made.…Read More

  • Lyric I really enjoyed reading your comment. You are the first person I have seen reference Humaza dieze in there analysis, and I like how you made that comparison. Though i wish you pulled more specific examples from the text, I like how you paphrased. You analyzed and told us your own interpretation of the text, which I really applaud. Now that…Read More

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