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    Is AI art, art?

    What defines art? Is it the beauty? Or perhaps the emotion? Maybe the meaning behind it all? Is it the love and effort that goes into making art? Recently, this has all been up...

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    • Dear Jimmy,

      I am unequivocally befuddled to the core with your post, “Is AI art, art?” because it does give me the interesting thought of whether this is right or not because I do like looking at nice art and if it comes from AI then it doesn’t really matter. But I was not aware that people would use it to then plaster their name on the piece. At the same time the way I see it is that they put credit to say, wow look at this cool art that I got through this… So I don’t think they are necessarily saying they made it with great effort.

      An interesting sentence was,”It steals peoples’ works and these “artists” then claim it as their own.” like stated it gets it from the millions of art pieces found on the internet, so if it were to take something blatant, it would be quite a small part.” Maybe like taking inspiration, since with there being so much art and different ways people make it, nothing is truly original.

      Either way thanks for the writing. I look forward to more since the topics chosen are different than what most are writing about and definitely more interesting such as this one.


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    There’s pain. There’s anguish that lasts. There is sound that carries from this dimension to the next. No matter how many buildings tower over blood there is still pain between the time and breath. There is broken glass in the...

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    • Dear Jimmy,
      I liked how you emphasized that there is still going to be blood even if they try to cover it. How that thing that they are trying to mend so badly is still going to be broken. I love your repetition of “Broken” it really captures the reader’s attention and how you express the feelings through the word.

      One question I have for you is how do you interpret healing if, this is how you interpret the unhealing?

    • hello Jimmy,
      I really enjoyed your post about unhealing…I loved how you emphasized that there is still going to be blood even if they try to cover it. I also like a lot your repetition of “Broken” it definitely captured my attention and I also how you express your feelings through the words.
      my question to you is unhealing in what way like in general or after a relationship or etc?

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    Jimmy commented on the post, War Crimes

    I completely agree with you, and I am curious if you believe it is Ukrainian regionalism or Ukrainian nationalism that has kept Russia semi-at bay. Many people say it is nationalism fighting Russian nationalism, but I believe it is regionalism.

  • While yes, I agree that single-use straws are inefficient and that reusable straws are objectively better for the environment, consider that it is more than just straws. All types of single-use plastic break down into microplastics polluting our one and only earth. I think we should all move towards bringing our own utensils to places that…Read More

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    Jimmy wrote a new post

    Modern Day Druidry

    Oh world, oh so digitalized. Our love, medicalized. No time for nature. No time for the world around us. But this age of digitalism wears thin on people's psyches. The everpresent 9-5 kills a man. Many of us wish...

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    • Dear Jimmy, I adored your post on “Modern Day Druidy” because not many know how much Druidry has changed or its significance. I, myself didn’t fully know how much it has changed and how time-consuming it is.

      Your first paragraph is what stood out to me the most because you wrote what many druids think and how much people who don’t think of themselves as druids think of these exact words. As well as how you emphasized “More” not only did you slant it but you capitalized it, to show its importance to want it.

      Thanks for your writing I really look forward and what other concept you’ll be writing about and how you’ll phrase it


    • Dear Jimmy, I am very fawned of your post on ¨modern day druidy¨ because druidy is a topic not very many understand or its significance.

      What stood out to me about your post was your 3rd paragraph because you talked about how ancient druidy involved human and animal sacrifices and it’s honestly surprising how people would sacrifice others back then.

      Thanks for your writing jimmy I look forward to seeing what other ideas topics you have in the future.

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