• Dear Isaiah,
    Your post “The Golden State Warriors Move to San Francisco” I found it very interesting. One sentence that stood out to me was, “Just because a team is not in their home stadium doesn’t mean that they will perform bad.” This stood out to me because any team could not be in their home but yet they still play bad or sometimes they do b…[Read more]

  • Did you know that cars and factories are what causes air pollution? Did you know that then leads to serious health problems? And did you know this same pollution causes global warming? Air pollution is dismal for

    • Your essay is very interesting. I agree this is a very serious issue that needs to be solved. You might find this article interesting: https://www.des.nh.gov/organization/divisions/air/tsb/ams/aqmdp/share.htm . It lists solutions people can implement on a personal level to try and help to solve this problem.

    • Jimena,

      Your post was very informative about the state of air pollution in Oakland and I found it very interesting. This was mainly because I live in Salt Lake City where we have much air pollution as well. Having pollutants in the air which become trapped when we experience an inversion, it becomes dangerous as people can develop respiratory issues. I believe that we must do something to regulate carbon emissions such as changing how cars are manufactured or simply traveling by car less. The Earth is a place where people must coexist together and we must take care of our Earth to create a safe environment for everyone.

      Here’s an interesting article pertaining to reducing our carbon footprint: https://www.nytimes.com/guides/year-of-living-better/how-to-reduce-your-carbon-footprint

      Hope to see what you write next,

    • Jimena,

      Your post was very interesting and did an excellent job at highlighting the negative affects and serious dangers of the air pollution in Oakland! I agree that we need to immediately do something to address the air pollution, as I live in Utah and in the Salt Lake Valley we have dangerously bad Air pollution.

      Heres an interesting article that may prove beneficial to any future research that you do! It highlights the basic every day steps that we can all take to balancing out air pollution!

      Cant wait to see where your research takes you!

    • Dear Jimena, you’ve written a serious issue that needs to be talked about more. I agree with every point you’ve listed. Air pollution is damaging our Earth and children. We cannot let this problem be unseen by people in power. They too need to talk about this issue and figure out some solutions. A line that stood out to me is, “Global warming, most of the times is a very dangerous problem because it’s affecting the earth and the earth is basically depending on us to change the way we live and reduce global warming” because the planet is depending on us. We are all part of this problem. We started it and now we need to end it. If our home is gone, we are gone as well. Thank you for writing this, Jimena. I look forward to seeing more of your writing.

    • Hi Jimenia,
      I really like your post because it brings awareness to the air pollution in Oakland. You included good facts and links. This post inspired me to write my own post about the air pollution in Salt Lake City. Both places have bad air pollution as well as the rest of the world. Here is a link to a page about SLC’s air pollution just if you’re interested. https://westernresourceadvocates.org/utah-air-pollution/ Thanks for voicing about the air problem in Oakland.

    • Hi Jimena,
      Throughout your essay, I thought you did a very good job raising awareness about the air pollution and the effect it can have on humans. It is a very serious topic in todays society and should be in conversation more. I found an article that goes into further detail about the effects of air pollution: https://www.nationalgeographic.org/encyclopedia/air-pollution/


    • Hi Jemina,
      I really liked your argument because you provided multiple sources that are reliable. Not only were they provided but you used described how they helped support your argument really well. Do you think that there is a solution that is cost-effective and fast enough to save the environment? Here is a source that I think will be helpful: https://climate.nasa.gov/solutions/adaptation-mitigation/ .

      Hope you find it useful!!

  • Did you know that cars and factories are what causes air pollution? Did you know that then leads to serious health problems? And did you know this same pollution causes global warming? Air pollution is dismal for

    • Dear Jimena,
      I think that I is very important that you chose just an important problem. I also love that although you talked about how our city is hurt more, you also talked about how the whole world is impacted negatively. I think that when you assert that “Residents here are twice as likely to go to the emergency room with asthma as people in Alameda County overall. They’re also more likely to die of cancer, heart disease or lung disease — all illnesses with known links to polluted air” it gives a better perspective of the problem and it helps you warn the reader that if nothing is done to solve the problem, then it can become very lethal. Also in the article titled Mike’s Record on Climate, it states that “Mike created America’s most comprehensive urban sustainability plan, which reduced New York City’s carbon footprint by 14%, expanded solar power, eliminated dirty-burning heating oil, and achieved New York City’s cleanest air quality in more than 50 years.
      Mike’s mayoral administration planted 800,000 trees and added 850 acres of parkland.” I personally think that this is a great start to helping the environment. I would really like to know how you feel about this plan and what you think has to be done in order to save our planet. Do you believe that what Mike is doing is enough and what do you think that should change in Mike’s plan? What should we, as residents, do in order to help solve this problem. Thank you from taking your time to write this article. I was actually very entertaining and it made think a lot, which i loved.

    • Ella replied 6 months ago

      Hi Jimena,
      I think this topic that you addressed is one that everyone should pay attention to more. Air pollution is getting worse and worse and I agree with everything you say about it in this article. You talk about how it causes it a lot of illnesses, and it is true. Air pollution can be detrimental to our health. Here is a link to all of the different types of health effects that air pollution has on people: http://www.sparetheair.com/health.cfm My favorite line in your article was how ” the earth is basically depending on us to change the way we live and reduce global warming.” I thought this was very powerful and I agree with you one hundred percent. People need to start making a change because the Earth is literally depending on us, and only us. I am very sorry that the pollution in Oakland is so bad. I live in Utah and we also have very dangerous pollution and really bad inversion. It is horrible and we all need to start contributing to make a change. Your piece was very nicely written! Great job!

  • This Shadow Box represents who I am truely, and most of my dominant narratives on the outside. I see myself as a young and independent woman and for sure I don’t think other people see me like that. In my shadow

    • Hi, I am a student from San Jose State University it caught my attention when you comapared your shadow box to yourself stating “My identities are not perfect at all”. Another sentence that caught my attention was the last one it demonstrates that you have acknowledge what your identity means to you and how is a big part of your life.

    • This shadow box is one of those unique ones that really bring out the person’s characteristics, and bring out what kind of person the creator of this box is. It really intrigues me what you put in it from the family photos to the money from guatemala all. This is a great shadow box and one those unique ones that make it great.

    • Hi, I am a student from San Jose State University, and I liked it when you said: “my chosen identities speak louder than the assumptions and assigned identities people make.” You have a powerful way of thinking and by keeping it up, you will do big things in life and prove people wrong.

    • Dear Jimena, I am a student at SJSU. I think your interpretation of how your shadow box portrays you is very unique. I really loved how you said “I know my true identities and that’s all that matters, my chosen identities speak louder than the assumptions and assigned identities people make.” It is important to know who you are and portray it yourself instead of letting others’ opinions affect who you are. Thank you for your time.

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