• The American Creed can define each person and who they are. The American Creed is the motivation everyone has to make a difference in the world through their careers, education, and more. As Condoleezza Rice

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      Jillian, This was a very interesting post and I think you were able to cover a lot of different topics. I liked your argument that the two most important parts of the American Creed are backgrounds and education and I agree that those two things are very important. Specifically, I liked when you said that “Students should learn the importance of the values of the backgrounds of each person and education within school. It is important as educators to teach these values by being the role model and example to the students.” Here is an article you may find interesting: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/10/upshot/teacher-diversity-effect-students-learning.html

    • Great emphasis on the need to develop voice–both as teachers and as students. Thank you. You are exactly who we need to be going into teaching!

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