• Dear Iween,
    Your poem is very strong. The adjectives you chose evoke a lot of different feelings. You interpreted a syllabic poem in a new and original way. This poem i feel brings awareness to such a difficult topic.

  • I remember my mom walking outside No matter the weather Coming back reeking of an unpleasant smell I remember my dad going to work Bringing me back sweets I would savour them Until he left for another trip I

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    How do you defineThat emotion that drives youClose to the edge of The boundary of sanity insanity Where do you fall in Love is what, to you? Marvelous, disastrous, what-who knows except for your concealed

    • I love how mysterious you made the poem sound.It makes me think deeply

    • Dear Jillian:

      I am excited by your poem, “Define,” because your poem is very cool.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “ Marvelous, disastrous, what-
      who knows except for your concealed antics, your mind that reflects,your pure,sinister essence.” I think this is very cool because It is a paragraph where you express many feelings.
      Thanks for you writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I liked this poem a lot. I would like to see more poems than you write.

      Samantha M.

  • They said they liked my “personality” that I am a characterthey always wanted to know where I was fromIf I said I was from 12str 7th avenue right near the F & G Train in Brooklyn white privileged kids hangout fro

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