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    I’m suffocating , I can’t breatheThey on our necks with their knees,They shooting at us before they tell us to freeze,We tired of marching, I swear i’m ready to squeeze,They get behind that badge, then they s

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    I think that is an important life lesson, to think about what is best for the team. In sports, it is fun to win, but it is also important to learn life skills like leadership and teamwork. Your reflection on your decision makes you a good leader. I hope that you get the opportunity to lead again, and thanks for sharing this life lesson.

  • My students created a presentation and spoke at our local town council meeting about selling vape pens 4 years ago. The council voted to move the pens from the front counter to behnid the counter where other tobacco products were located. Never doubt the power of your voice. Nice job!

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    I appreciate the colors and illustrations you used to highlight your poetry. Your voice was clear and well paced so you were easy to listen to. I noticed you had background music but your voice carried the message well. Nice job!

  • Sapphire,
    We both are December birthdays, but born many years apart. I too am stubborn and determined. I can tell you as a grown person, that trait can serve you well. I am here getting ready to go back to school, and I am having a hard time getting movtivated, well until I started working on this Youth Voices Project. I think my students are…[Read more]

  • Hi! I am Dr. Ilko and I am so excited to be working with you this year. I was born on December 8th in a small city called Downey California. But I am a San Diego kid at heart, making my home here when I was

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    • Dear janet,
      I love your dedication and aspirations for HSHMC . You are role model for people who liked to contribute to their community even after they move onto a new life . I am curious about your love of teaching. I would like to know how teaching impact your life? Asdie from that i really enjoyed learning about your itinerary to your dreams and goals. Thanks for sharing your experience with us . I would love to read more about you and God bless you and your family.

  • Here is some of the highlights from our poetry. We hope you enjoy it.


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