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    Into the wild book review

    A 22-year-old graduate of a prestigious American university, just before entering Harvard Law School, mysteriously disappeared. Two years later, hunters found his decomposing body in an abandoned bus in the Alaskan wilderness. It was not murder, there was no conspiracy....

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  • Dear Sarah Z,
    I really like your post and I could not agree more about your point of view on war. People always talk war hurts people but they did not really talk about how it hurt people and what is actually hurting the people. It is great that you took the problem to the depth and talk about what is really hurting people and it gives the…Read More

  • Dear Mynor,
    I really like your post about the importance of leadersihp. I think no one can achieve great things without having someone work with them. And you also gave example in your personal life to illustrate your point about why should we learn leadership skills. It will help us succeed in professional world and family. Moreover, it is…Read More

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    Why housing prices are overwhelmingly high?

    “Everybody expected housing to really sort of dry up with the rest of the economy,” said National Association of Home Builders CEO Jerry Howard. “And in fact, the opposite has happened. People who have been sort of scared out...

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    • Dear Jiang,
      I was entertained by your post about house prices because I had no idea about how fast and how much prices were raising. I think that it’s important to know this stuff because something you should be asking yourself as a homeowner or someone who is trying to buy a house has to ask themselves, ¨Will I be able to pay for it if it rises monthly?¨
      When you said, ¨Since May, sales of new homes have climbed 67% and prices have risen 15%. Existing home sales in the United States reached 6.54 million units in September, up 9.4 percent from the previous month, up nearly 21 percent from a year ago, and the highest in nearly 14 years.¨ I wonder about how much more it will climb and how long it will take for it to come down again. As more people are trying to get houses they are becoming more expensive but is it because the supply cost, demand of speed, or something else?
      I look forward to seeing some more of your writing and learning with what you post. Thank you.

      Brandi Alvarez

  • Jiang commented on the post, Finding a Job by TikTok

    Dear Jannette

    I really like your post about people finding ways to make money on an entertaining app.
    I think TikTok is going to be as big as youtube and people will find more ways to make money on it like what YouTubers do on youtube. For example, people can pay TikTok influencers to do advertisements on TikTok or they can sell their…Read More

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