• Mario Puzo’s The Godfather tells the story of Vito Corleone, an Italian man who emigrates to the U.S. in the 1920s, and, through hard work and determination, starts a business that becomes highly successful and l

  • If modern politics in the U.S. tell us anything, it’s that Americans have a hard time agreeing on anything. This is what makes the question of “What are American values?” A difficult one. No matter what you say,

    • I agree with your description of America’s freedom. We as a culture are very rich with differing viewpoints, which allows us to get input from every side of the political spectrum. This is what makes us really free.

    • Abby replied 1 year ago

      Thank you for providing such valuable insight on what you value in America. I agree that our free speech, press, and religion are the most valuable rights that, we as Americans, are granted. Our diverse opinions and backgrounds are a large factor as to why our country is organized in the way that it is. Here is a link that you might like, https://fee.org/articles/three-reasons-free-speech-matters/

    • Clara replied 1 year ago

      This is a well thought out post about the values we seem to share as a nation despite our many disagreements. I agree with you that something we can all agree on is our free speech. Even if we cannot find things in everyday discussion that we agree with, we all can realize that everyone has their own opinion and that is something we value as an American. Your closing sentence, “Free speech and free thought cause new ideas and cultures to flourish and society to progress.”, is powerful and I think if everyone realized this, there would turn out to be harmony, even if it agreeing to disagree.

    • James replied 1 year ago


      This is a very well written out paragraph that addresses many interesting ideas, but I like the main theme of freedom of speech that you present. Americans can tend to be very polarized on different ideas, but in general I agree with what you’re saying that the only thing we agree on is to disagree. There’s no problem with this as long as we remember the one thing that we do have in common, that we are all Americans and this doesn’t change when you disagree. Thanks for your input I hope to hear more from you on this and other politically oriented ideas.

    • Jack,
      I like how you layed out your argument on ” What is American creed?”. I agree that our nation is politically divided and that makes us american because he have the right to speak our mind. I like how you stay around the topic of freedom of speech. You also have a good ending that make the reader think.

  • I agree that people should not be forced into sex work. Sex trafficking is wrong and should not exist in our country. However, many of the unpleasant sides of prostitution come from the fact that it is illegal and unregulated. If prostitution were legal, it would be heavily regulated by the government. Criminals would no longer be in charge of…[Read more]

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