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  • jhernandez
  • Dear Rama,
    What you are saying is really powerful. I like how you state what you feel. I think that what you are doing can be called speaking up for people, in this case animals, who cant talk. You are taking a stand for what you believe. I really liked your post. Very interesting.

  • Dear Margo,
    I think that people should have the right to date if they want to. I see what you are trying to say. This also happens in my school. When kids start to date they stop sharing and stop being confident and true to them self . If people want to date, we should let them because if we try to stop them then this will bring problems. Your…Read More

  • Dear Milly,
    I love your writing. It was really thoughtful and helpful. You spoke for the animals that can’t. I agree with everything you said. No one has the right to hurt and abuse animals. Your the best. Stop Animal Abuse.

  • I love your piece of writing. It is really thoughtful. I wrote about poverty to. I agree with that poor people are being treated bad and that they need our help. More people need to help people in need. We should be helpful and never give up to make a change for the people and for us. Your piece is great. Congratulation.

  • Dear Glendy,
    Your writing is awesome and I total hear what you are trying to say. Many people are discriminating people for the color or type of people they are. How is it that people discriminate people with different colors, when they don’t know their real personality. You have a great point. Your piece of writing was really detailed. Good job.

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