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  • Your line “Color must never determine fate” I really like it because it represents how years ago black people were treated poorly just because of that. One thing I like to add is that I love how you said as long as we’re connected to the earth, we’re all one

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    Jeremy commented on the post, Me

    I really like the self expression you did in this writing, you’re also real with yourself acknowledging who you are as a person and you realize it’s ok to be who you are. Sometimes it’s very hard for people to accept who they are and you did just that, you should be proud of yourself for doing so

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    Jeremy commented on the post, This Is My Body

    I really liked the title and poem esc writing you’ve done. It’s very reassuring and inspiring to see someone write about how much people should love their bodies no matter what anyone thinks. I think we should continue to encourage this kind of positivity in the world

  • I would like to start by saying that I really like your cover photo and title, I think it’s really creative. Since we’re talking about traffic jams did you come up with that in connection to the article, since the word “revving” refers to increasing the engine speed of a vehicle.

  • The first thing I wanted to say about this is your cover photo is really eye-catching. It made me think of not only a painting but a highway of some sort. I like how In this you propose solutions to traffic jam problems such as investing in public transportation. One more thing I would like to add is I definitely do agree with your holistic…Read More

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