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Dance in Mexico

Folkloric dance is such a big part of history and culture in Mexico specifically. Throughout all of Mexico, we are able to find and see the many different types of dances they have that are unique and different to each state or region. The indigenous cultures and mestizos are the reason that folkloric dance even came about or become something […]

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Ballet Folklorico and it’s Beginning

It is so beautiful and amazing to see how dancing has so much affect and history throughout it’s creation. Again, here I am talking specifically about ballet folklórico and it’s beautiful creation. Although it has been around for a while, it is still performed today in different places of the world. There is one person specifically who has kept it […]

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Influence of Folk Music

It is interesting and cool to see how there is different influences and types of music for folk dancing. It doesn’t always have to be your typical view of having guitars, trumpets and drums. It does in many cases for many dances, but in other cases, so many different instruments and music types are used for dances. Music in any […]

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Ballet Folklórico Mexicano

First Week Ballet Folklórico is a type of dance that is very popular, specifically in Mexico. What is special and meaningful about the dances is that there are so many different dances that are specific to regions and states in Mexico. Every dance is unique and special, so the music, dance, and sometimes, even the clothing differs from every region. […]

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Desdemona to Her Father

I chose Othello. I did a part from Act 1 Scene 3 lines 208-218. I played the character of Desdemona in which she is talking/addressing her father. I learned that the impact of tone, inflection, volume and pacing is really important. If you are reading in a monotone voice, everything sounds the same and there is no emotion. But you […]

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Why do we cast out those different than us?

The overall issue of accepting those who are different than us has been around for a while now. We have always looked to find comfort and safety in perhaps those who define themselves similarly to you. When someone who perhaps does not same these same definitions or anything, we usually tend to push out and exclude them because we view […]

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Children: Why we want to take them away from their parents

I read three articles in which they all had to do with children and their parents, specifically undocumented parents. There is so much information we have on kids being separated from their parents. But, sadly this information came out after our President passed an executive order that said to separate parents and children illegally crossing the southern border of the […]

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Separation of Families

What can we do about the kids that have parents that are deported and left here in the United States?(Deportation, process of deportation, kids health(mental, psychological), parent/kid separation, choice of staying or going)   In this article about the mental health impact of immigrant kids, the article talks about how kids are affected when they are separated from their parents. […]

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