• I chose Othello. I did a part from Act 1 Scene 3 lines 208-218.

    I played the character of Desdemona in which she is talking/addressing her father.

    I learned that the impact of tone, inflection, volume and

  • Noe:
    I like the idea and argument that you are giving. But, I think that you can always make some improvements. For one, make your three points that you are going to talk about more specific. Perhaps saying “cyber-bullying is a problem prevalent in today’s youth” could help your reader follow a bit more. The argument you made is that schools…[Read more]

  • The overall issue of accepting those who are different than us has been around for a while now. We have always looked to find comfort and safety in perhaps those who define themselves similarly to you. When

    • I think it’s very important to learn about these problems(as they have a bigger footprint on society every day) and educate others, and posting articles anywhere and everywhere is definitely a good step. Portraying different aspects of how we as humans have neglected those minority populations rather than one specific argument really helps prevent alienation of the overly opinionated readers you will come across. My only advice would be to strengthen each talking point by showing an opposing opinion that will help you prove your point, while also showing both sides of the argument clearly. For example, when talking about the father that is trapped in sanctuary, having a sentence pointing out the governmental/law side of the argument will give you the ability to not only prove the case even more, but also appeal to a reader’s sense of humanity. Readers can easily tell how much you care about the opposition that is faced by so many unheard voices around the world, and it comes across in your writing very clearly. This was an impactful piece to read and gave me something to think about.

  • Me gusta tu comentario sobre tu libro que esta leyendo. Hicistes bien tambien en comparando el libro que estas leyendo a un evento en la vida real. Me gusto como hicistes esa conexion. Me gusta tambien como todo lo dijistes directo y hablastes sobre lo importante del libro. Quizas para la proxima vez, a lo mejor puedes hablar mas sobre que mas…[Read more]

  • Kasandra
    I really liked an enjoyed that you decided to write on Chicano pride. As you stated in your post above, “I believe people shouldn’t be judged or treated differently because of their skin color. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed because of where you come from. Your culture shouldn’t be hidden.” And it’s very true. It is sad to see how s…[Read more]

  • Sofia,
    Me gusta tu comentario sobre este libro. Yo no lo he leido, pero se escucha interesante. En esta parte de tu comentario, “Pues yo no tengo una hermana y nunca me tocó experimentar esto, pero yo conozco a varias personas que tienen hermanas y que a veces entre ellas se pueden caer mal ya sea por que una crea que la otra es mas bonita que…[Read more]

  • Mariah,
    I really enjoyed your post. I learned a lot from it since I am not that informed about the LGBT youth and the conversion therapy. It’s sad to see that our nation sees being LGBT as a mental disorder. This part of the post just is heart breaking. “According to Kathy Baldock, an LGBT rights advocate, in an article from ABC News Australia,…[Read more]

  • I read three articles in which they all had to do with children and their parents, specifically undocumented parents. There is so much information we have on kids being separated from their parents. But, sadly

  • Good point Madison. Seeing the points you brought are valid and make a point. I like what you said here,” the individual human life begins at the fetus or when the sperm meets the egg, and that makes abortion killing innocent human beings.” I know from my beliefs and views that life truly does begin at the fetus or when the sperm meets the egg.…[Read more]

  • This is a really interesting argument. But I think the argument for lowering the drinking age is not to strong. Although it can probably show youth to be more responsible, it can still be damaging and hurting them. Here, we have it at 21 specifically because of the brain development. Perhaps there is more research needed to be done to define and…[Read more]

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  • What can we do about the kids that have parents that are deported and left here in the United States?(Deportation, process of deportation, kids health(mental, psychological), parent/kid separation, choice of

    • Julissa I have to generally agree with everything that your sources talked about especially because there have been times with my family where they have been separated because they where undocumented. Especially the point made where this will further cause trauma in the future like for example depression and anxiety. While I read this it reminded me of when I came across a article in the New York times about a specific case of a child being separated right from his family at the border and how that experience all together was very traumatizing for him. I really appreciate that you spoke up about a topic that is causing so much damage to our world today.

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