• I have recently been looking around on something about the Russians, since my last post was about the US. On Pioneer, I found a document listing so called “secret wars” that Russia has been fighting in areas

  • I have recently been looking into the differences (both economically amd manpower-wise) between Russia and the United States of America. I was looking on the Gale learning center and I found these two documents

  • I am a frequent gamer and I am always confronted with the argument that video games are bad for you in general. I have seen studies supporting this but I have also seen many studies showing that video games can

    • Finally someone is willing to do the research on the affects video games can cause. I’ve been trying to convince others why it could be good but sometimes I forget about the prolonged sitting which is bad. I really enjoyed reading this and the article, I think you did a great job.

    • Dear Jean,

      I liked this post very much because my parents complain about how I spend to much time on my phone or just playing games. This post speaks out to those young group of people that now have a supported reason as to why they spend so much time playing video games. When you said that video games reduce stress and help fight depression that was a major sign that video games are actually helpful because now in this world many young people are committing suicide for horrid reasons. There could be a chance that if they played video games they would take their minds to another place were there is no harm involved. Overall, your post really was delightful to read and it made me think that once in a while I could play some games just to relax.

    • I understand your argument I really do, but I can’t help but feel that this is not the argument that people usually make for gaming. The majority of people believe that video games cause violence and even in some cases mass shootings, I enjoyed this article, maybe you should do one about how video games are not linked to mental illness or things that cause these sort of events.

  • I enjoyed this post because I have had the same question for a while. I have heard arguments on both sides that the electoral college is bad because of this or that the electoral college is good because of this. I don’t really know what I think of it at this point because I have not looked at all the evidence but I do think that the pros and cons…[Read more]

  • I did enjoy this article not just because of the book that we are reading in English class but also because this argument is brought up frequently with my friends and me. This subject is quite interesting because both sides have facts and statistics to back their sides but no one side is completely correct. It is also interesting to see how this…[Read more]

  • I was really interested about this essay because I have always been told that football is dangerous to play. I really don’t like the sport myself but reading this has shed some light on the danger of the sport and how it has affected the players. I think that it was quite interesting how Reed stated that he does not care about the concussions as…[Read more]

  • I thought that you brought up a very good argument. I do agree with what you are saying especially after reading this article. I thought it was interesting how you mentioned that you leaned on one side but after more research and more reading you switched sides on the thought of using the medicines which have historically been proven to be harmful…[Read more]

  • I do agree with this post because I have done my own research on president-elect Donald Trump, and the facts that I have found about his loyalties is really quite surprising compared to what he has been saying. He was actually a registered democrat and actually donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. He is actually pretty pro-LGBT…[Read more]

  • I do agree with your idea of block periods every day Ellie, because I have seen the good that it does. My cousin from California has this schedule at her school and has done very good on homework and tests, while also having good amounts of sleep because of her schedule.

  • I can agree somewhat on the wall, but your view of the judicial system is unjustified, as these immigrants here ILLEGALY are not US citizens and therefore do not have constitutional rights and therefore they forfeit their right to a lawyer and they have to pay for one. The system in use is not at as corrupt and unfair as you think because even if…[Read more]

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    It is interesting that we have made all of these different strategies but we don’t use them. That Counter Terrorism Implementation Task Force was created for different countries to ally and take on terrorism with military force, but my question is why have we not used it? We clearly need it now to prevent anything from escalating more in Iraq and…[Read more]

  • The issue presented in this form is if Obamacare is good and should be kept, or if it is bad and should be removed. There are multiple sides to this argument, many for and many against,with many pros and cons.

  • I agree with this entirely, because there will most likely always be places that humans will not be able to explore, or at least for hundreds to thousands of years. I have also had the question of what is hidden

  • I do agree with this, because I have also been thinking of this. I was thinking about how political correctness is very different depending on which side you agree on, whether it’s right or left, then you will use

  • I asked the question of why crime is so bad in the US compared to the rest of the world. The answer is that it really isn’t that bad compared to the world. It is really dependent on what areas you are looking at,

    • Dear jean
      I am interested in your post because you are making a good point of why the USA has so much crime going around. I think that it is true that the U.S population is growing, so the more people there, the more violence crime there is because there are more criminals. In your post it compares mexico´s murder and crime rate to the U.S and it says that there is much more crime there, even though they have much more restricted gun laws. Thank you for your post and I am looking forward more of your post´s.

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