• The book we’ve been reading for the past few weeks is called Street Life, by Victor Rios. The book is about the author’s life as a gang affiliated teen in Los Angeles and how he slowly came to the decision to tur

    • Jesus,
      Thank you for your post I really thought it was a good post to connect with. I liked how you really incorporated the book into your own lifestyle. It is interesting how a book can relate so well to your own life. I’m interested in hearing further post about the book you are reading. thank you again for your post.

  • The images I decided to go with my the quotes I chose because I feel like they give a short summary of the quote. The background I picked for my cover was chosen because it was the only one that appealed to me.

  • Dear Dr. Rios,


    My name is Jesus Sanchez. I’m a student at Fremont High School in Oakland. I’m in the 11th grade and I consider myself Mexican just like you. I have just finished chapter 8 of your auto

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    Dear Christy,

    I really enjoyed reading your post because I felt like you were writing straight from your heart. As I read your post, I was inspired to become just like you and create my own program to help those in need. I relate to many of your experiences like losing a loved one at a young age and siblings getting sent to jail. I’m so s…[Read more]

  • Blog Post Chapters 1, 2, & 3 Street Life


    After reading the first three chapters of Victor Rios’ Street Life, I feel connected to the events he is telling his audience. In looking at the imagery he uses to te

    • Jesus,
      I enjoyed how you read this novel and what you noticed. Once you read deeper into a novel you can take in and have a fonder understanding of the author. By doing this you’re able to relate to him more and take the information in a different way. I read a book by Greg Boyle that had the same idea. Boyle ran Homeboy Industries that focused on gang reforming and it changed my view on gang life and gave me a deeper respect for those who work to resolve it. I would advise you to read it if you’re able to.
      Link: https://www.homeboyindustries.org/fatherg/

    • Jesus,
      I had never heard of kinesthetic imagery before, so I was interested in what you had to say and how it related to this book you read. I agree with your point about things being hidden in the details of author’s work. Make sure you continue to be aware of things like this. Here is a link to an article more about kinesthetic imagery. https://literarydevices.net/kinesthesia/
      I enjoyed reading your work, thank you for sharing.

  • No one can tell what’s in their future, so all they can do is hope. In 20 years, If all goes according to plan, I see myself as a professional soccer player, playing for FC Barcelona. If things don’t go acc

  • Dear Angelica,
    I am interested in your post, “There’s nothing wrong with private prisons,” because I’ve never heard of a private prison before, I didn’t even think such thing existed. At first, I didn’t get why would there be a need to have private prisons, but then I read your post.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Private pr…[Read more]

  • Dear Mamadou :
    I am curious about your post, “How soon should kids focus on only one sport,” because I want to become a soccer player one day and I don’t remember how old was I when I started having a passion for soccer. I’ve had the dream of becoming a pro soccer player some day for while now, I just hope it comes true.
    One sentence you wrote t…[Read more]

  • Imagine animals, but not your everyday dog or cat, but a lion or giraffe, with a paying job. Or a hippo having to pay rent for the river it has been staying at for the past two years. Animals shouldn’t have r

    • Jesus, I believe animals should not have the same rights as humans but they should have protective laws to keep them safe. We have something animals do not which puts us on top to be more superior to them and that is our rationale. We have this ability to know right or wrong to think beyond our animal instinct. For example if your hungry your not going to eat another persons baby where as a lion will do whatever to feed her young. If you read this article by debate.org(http://www.debate.org/opinions/are-animals-equal-to-humans) it will give you multiple perspectives on this topic, some may be bizarre but others have very valid points that will give alot of angles to this topic. Can’t wait to hear more from you.

  • Dear Leaders of America,


    Hello, my my name is Jesus Sanchez and I’m a student attending Fremont High School in the 11th grade, located in Oakland. Growing up as a teenager in America has been pretty good fo

    • Good job! This was a very educational and informative post. I liked when your solution to make racial terms illegal because I believe that it was a very good idea. I am pretty sure it would work to. I cant wait until you make another post so i can read it because it was very informative.

    • One quote that you wrote that really stands out to me is “racism has been a part of this world for years now and i want it to end already” this quote stood out because this is true that there has been racism for a long time and it need to end and i think that the only way we could end it is to start with this generation

    • Dear Jesus,
      I agree wholeheartedly that racism needs to end. I think the ultimate goal is a world in which there is no inequality. Like you, I’ve never personally experienced a racial slur but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what goes on around me. I think that making racial slurs illegal is a good idea in theory, but it might be hard to enforce it. I think the best way to stop racism and inequality is for the world to come together and make a change. Thank you so much for sharing your voice!

    • Dear Jesus,
      I agree with you that racism is terrible and needs to end. You made some extremely compelling points like about how it can lead to people not having jobs and how it can lead to something as terrible sad as suicide. Racism has no place in the modern world and we should do all we can to eradicate it. However, I don’t agree with outlawing words. While this seems like a good idea on the surface, outlawing a few words leads to the mental stance of outlawing any words okay. This would only lead to outrage since the First Amendment is such an important amendment. To retort people would probably just make up more hurtful words. So, this would end up not doing much in the long run. Besides that though, I agree with everything you said and your writing was very intelligent.

    • Dear Jesus,

      I am fascinated by your topic “American Leaders, Your Attention Please” because you are right about how racial slurs can push people to the edge to commit suicide. I myself have not experienced being called a racial slur and I am lucky but like you said for the ones that have had that experience it is not OK. Just because someone is different from you by the color of your skin shouldn’t give the right to any one to be able to say a racial slur. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because you are talking about real mature topics in the world. Keep talking about real topics and problems in the world so people can finally wake up.

    • Dear Jesus,

      I found this topic very interesting and current. Racism has always been a part of American history and doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. Although many of us would love to see racism to go, it will take a country wide effort to overcome racism.

    • Dear Jesus,
      I am biracial myself and I would like nothing better than to see racism abolished. I don’t think making racial slurs illegal will be us there specifically but I think you are on the right track. I agree that racism can have an effect on jobs, starvation and suicide. I don’t recall ever having racial slurs directed at me, but I have lived with someone who was racist and who has said very profound racial slurs directed a other people. It is not a good position to be in when the person thinks its okay to say racial slurs in front of you and you belong to the group they are making the comments towards. Many people think they cant be racist because they are friends with someone of a different color but some people don’t understand that is totally false. Lets do what we can as individuals to put an end to racism and correct others. Thanks again for writing.


  • Dear Leaders of America,

    Hello, my name is Jesus Sanchez and I’m a student attending Fremont High School in the 11th grade, located in Oakland. Growing up as a teenager in America has been pretty good for me, s

    • Dear Jesus,

      I am very happy about you letter, “American Leaders You Attention Please,” because I am in agreement with what you have wrote. To stand for racism is to something I believe in very much because, I, as a person of color have experienced lots of racism in my life. I am happy to see someone spend time on writing about something I am passionate on. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “Personally, I’ve never experienced racial slurs being said to me, but just because it has never happened to me, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to other kids my age.” I think this is very kind of you to write about something that doesn’t affect you personally but has affected the people around you. THis shows that you are someone that really cares about your community. Another sentence that I read was: “The future I wish for America to have one day is where racism has completely disappeared.” This stood out to me because I myself really do wish this for our future too and the generation after us. I do agree with you that without racism the world would be a better place. One reason I say this is because this a dream of mines too. and I wish that we can do better than this and be better. Another reason I agree with you is because this has affected to many people and because of racism, many people have died. THat is why I feel very strongly about stopping racism. That for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I know that it will be something that will help the world. I wonder if you will talk about disagreeing with Donald Trump and what he is trying to do.

  • Dear Olga :
    I am happy with your letter, “Beautiful America,” because I agree with your issue that you want the leaders of America to prioritize on. I believe inequality is a big problem because it is very unfair to the people that have low income.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “And white nationalists don’t feel what others…[Read more]

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