• JesusOCHS
High School Stress View Comment
  • @JesusOCHS
  • April 26, 2022

Dear Fernando: I agree with your post, because students shouldn't been stressed about they're final exams in school. Stressful could affect our mood and would make you or us losing out motivation to do other things that we want. One of the sentence that you wrote stand out for me is:...

Dear Lesly, I am impressed by your post, ” Should schools be allowed to check your social media?” because it's a good question to ask any person. For a example, you mentioned a young girl who was upset of not making the cheerleading squad and was posting a video...

Dear Sophia: I also believe that they should be getting paid the same amount, as you stated they both do the same thing only difference is the views and that just doesn’t seem fair.  That one sentence that stand out to me was that “The difference within their pay is a...

Don’t Text And Drive View Comment
  • @JesusOCHS
  • October 18, 2021

Dear Fatima, I agree about your post “Don’t Text And Drive” because it shows how important it is not to text and driving. I could agree that technology is a big part of our life and will get distracted easily with them. The people's would be using them everywhere...

Social Media Free Speech View Comment
  • @JesusOCHS
  • October 12, 2021

 Dear Christopher, I am very intrigued by your discussion post regarding freedom of speech on social media. Mainly because I wrote about the same article and it’s very interesting to see someone take on the same topic but have an opposing point of view. You made several great points...

The art of letting go View Comment
  • @JesusOCHS
  • August 25, 2021

Dear, Rania Naim   I am impressed by your book, "The Art Of Letting Go," because it is impressive how to let go of your fear, of your past, of your mistakes, of your failures. I think it's impressive how it’s important to not go with people that bring negative thoughts.    One...

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